Top Holiday Destinations in Australia Part 2

Last Monday in my post Top Holiday Destinations in Australia I started working through all the Australian destinations I’ve been to so far from the full top 100 list. The list I’m talking about is “The 100 Greatest Holidays of Australia” by Australian Traveller.

Turns out I’ve only been to 14 out of the top 100, I covered seven of those last week, today I’ll cover the other seven. I will also reveal the top five Australian destinations according to this list, here’s a clue for what’s at number one…

KunanurraPicking up where we left off…

28 – Take a Hobart weekend

I’m not really sure whether I’m allowed to claim this one or not, I’ve been to Hobart, but I wasn’t actually there for the whole weekend. I arrived Saturday evening and stayed until Wednesday morning.

Does that count?

We went in winter, which meant we could have a snow fight…

snow fight on Mt wellingtonAnd make a snowman…


We had a fantastic week in Tassie, and you can read more about it in my post Tasmania: What’s the Point?

27 – Make the red centre pilgrimage NT

When my sister and her husband came over for a holiday in May 2010 we wanted to go somewhere special and in the end our choices boiled down to The Great Barrier Reef or Uluru. We were not disappointed with our decision…

Uluru GreyNot many people get to see Uluru with waterfalls…

Uluru WetWords cannot describe Uluru, but once you’ve seen it, you’ll never forget it. For some inexplicable reason I couldn’t put Uluru out of my mind when I returned home, I just kept thinking about it. I have no idea why.

You can read more in my posts Journey to the Centre of Australia and So, What’s it Really Like in the Middle of Australia?

24 – Take a foodie break in Adelaide Hills SA

This is another slightly dodgy entry for me, it wasn’t really a foodie break, we had a week in Adelaide and visited Adelaide Hills. We also ate during this holiday, as you do, so I’m counting it.

This is a view from those hills and somewhere in front of us is Adelaide…

Adelaide HillsAnd this is a town in Adelaide Hills, and somewhere in front of us is a foodie place where we ate some food.

foodI think that qualifies as a foodie break in Adelaide Hills, don’t you?

21 – Take a beach break, Byron-style NSW

Yes, we’ve done this a few times, we really like Byron Bay. It’s also where I saw my very first venomous snake in the wild; here’s the video…

You can read more about our trips to Byron Bay in my posts A Day at Byron Bay, Snakes in Australia: My First Real Live Encounter and Our Byron Bay Weekend.

20 – Spend a weekend dining in Melbourne’s restaurants

There are plenty of trendy places to eat in Melbourne, especially in the Laneways…

Melbourne City (4)And away from the Laneways as well, Melbourne really does have some great restaurants to choose from. We didn’t just spend the weekend dining in them, we spent the whole week as well. I’m claiming it though because, unbelievably, I only have three entries from their top 20.

Clearly I have a lot more sightseeing to do here in Australia and I’ve got a fantastic list to work from.

You can read more about Melbourne in my post A Week in Melbourne with a Hint of St Kilda.

8 – Road trip the Great Ocean Road Vic

Time for another video…

Yes, we drove along this road on our Australian Road Trip way back before Elizabeth even started school here. You can read full details of the entire trip in my post called Our Australian Roadtrip: The Highlights.

Australian Traveller’s top 5

Here’s their top five:

5: Book into Saffire Freycinet Tas
4: See Kakadu NT
3: Do ‘The Lap’
2: Road trip the East Coast Escape Tas
1: Cruise the world’s oldest coastline WA

For those who were wondering, the very first image above in this post was taken somewhere near a town called Kununurra, it’s in the Kimberley’s and as you can see at number one it’s cruise the world’s oldest coastline, that’s the Kimberley’s.

Doesn’t look like much of a place to visit from that picture, does it? Don’t be fooled though, the area is nothing short of stunning and I can’t wait to jump in a boat for a good cruise.

It’s a fascinating list, check it out in full for yourself over at Australian Traveller. I’m delighted to see I do have at least one entry in their top five…

4 – See Kakadu NT

In the winter of 2013 we went to Darwin for a 10 day holiday and of course, you don’t go all that way without visiting Kakadu…

Kakadu - UbirrWe stayed the night which allowed us one full day in Kakadu, it wasn’t enough. I thoroughly enjoyed Darwin though, I’d really like to see the whole area during the wet season, it would just be so different.

For more about the area, see my posts Darwin; What’s It Really like? and Crocodile Hunting in Darwin, Northern Territory.

I don’t know about you, but I really fancy a holiday now. Where can I possibly go?

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