Canberra: Home of the Largest LED Light Display in the World

On Fridays, as you probably know, I like to look around Australia to see what’s going on elsewhere. Of course, I don’t study the news to do this, I just head straight over to YouTube and search for recent videos from each of our major cities.

This week though, what with it being just 13 sleeps to Christmas, I wanted to find something topical and Christmassy. I already stuck the following Christmassy image into Monday’s post about Top Holiday Destinations in Australia

Christmas lights… and I did that for me as much as for you, because it’s still very difficult to get into the Christmas mood here in Australia when it’s so hot. This will be my ninth Christmas here all told, including my first one which was during a holiday here in 2005.

If I lived to a 100 I don’t suppose I’ll get used to it, but Elizabeth who probably can’t even remember a cold Christmas doesn’t have any problem getting into the spirit of the thing at all.

Back to my search in YouTube.

Adelaide videos were all about the test match between Australia and India taking place at the Adelaide Oval. Brisbane and Sydney’s videos were dominated by the storms of recent weeks. Hobart featured a couple of videos of China’s President Xi Jinping’s visit of a few weeks ago but when I got to Canberra, my search was over.

Christmas lights aplenty

Last year a man in Canberra decided to decorate his house with lots of lights in the same way as my neighbour has in the picture I’ve included above. Only this man, David Richards, was on a mission. Target; the Guinness World Record for the most led lights in one display and this is how he did it…

His light show caused a good deal of traffic chaos outside of his house though, so this time around he changed location. This year he set up his large illumination in the heart of Canberra’s CBD and it’s all to raise money for SIDS and Kids ACT, a charity that assists families affected by sudden infant death syndrome in Canberra.

Mr Richards and his wife suffered a tragic loss of their own back in 2002 and received a great deal of help from this charity and since then they have raised more than $200,000 for them. “…just trying to give something back,” as he put it.


So this year he broke the Guinness World Record again with almost 1.2 million led lights in his new display; that’s a lot of lights.

It’s bright in Canberra…

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