Top Holiday Destinations in Australia

Private schools have already broken up for the long summer holidays here and on Friday state schools will be joining them. Some of those private schools can have seven or eight weeks off, state schools though tend to only have about six.

So not too different from summer holidays in the UK, but because our long break is broken up by Christmas and the New Year, it just doesn’t seem as long. I was reminded of the rapidly approaching Christmas almost 2 weeks ago when I drove past this house just round the corner from me…

Christmas lights

Some folk do like to get their Christmas decs up early.

Best places to go in Australia during the holidays

In April of this year Australian Traveller released their “The 100 Greatest Holidays of Australia” list and I will give you a link to that article shortly so you can have a good look at it in its entirety. It’s certainly a fascinating list and if I want to visit them all, I’d better speed up from my current holidaying rate, otherwise I’ll be over 100 by the time I get through them all.

Mind you, I must’ve been to some of these places already, so I can scratch them off the list. Let’s take a look.

Places I’ve been to on the top 100 list

In time honoured reverse order:

81 – Hide Out In The Sunshine Coast Hinterland Qld

Yes, in July 2004 me, Mrs Bob and a very young Elizabeth, four months old to be precise, holed up in a log cabin just outside of the town of Montville in the Sunshine Coast.

I don’t have a single photograph from that three-day break, but I did shoot just one video and that was of me and Elizabeth ‘talking’ until gone 1 o’clock in the morning, log fire burning in the background. My vocabulary was pretty good at the time, Elizabeth’s was restricted to googoo gaga.

I’ve grabbed an image from that video for you…

Baby ElizabethNo, I know, you can’t see the log fire. Stick with this, it’ll get better. Promise.

79 – Road trip the Legendary Pacific Coast, Sydney, NSW to Brisbane, Qld

We’ve driven this road on our road trip and loved it. The article suggests you drive from Sydney and head north; we did it the other way round, but surely that still counts?

52 – Enjoy a beach holiday in Noosa Qld

We went during Christmas in 2010, it rained…

rainy beachBut we have been to Noosa and the Sunshine Coast on many other occasions when it’s been sunny as well.

47 – New Year’s Eve in Sydney NSW

We were there in 2005/6, claimed our patch of grass somewhere close to Harbour Bridge and had a fantastic day. Like 2004 in the Sunshine Coast, I was here on holiday and again, not a single photograph. So you’ll have to take my word for it, but I’m scratching it off the list as done

I did mention my NYE visit to Sydney in my post called Tropfest – A Slice of Australian Culture, worth a read if I say so myself.

44 – Embrace that Aussie tradition: camping

We’ve been camping quite a few times, really love it. It’s a great way to escape technology for a while and truly relax. There are so many campsites right next to the beach as well, kind of 30 seconds walk to the sand. Like this…

Tents (1)Perfect!

You can’t see the sand in that image, but I’m sure you can see the sea. If that disappoints you, you can see more pictures and plenty of sand by reading the full story Return to Stradbroke Island: Five Go Camping.

33 – Play in the world’s biggest natural theme park Qld

Turns out that the natural theme park of which they speak is Fraser Island. Time for another video…

Well, I’m only just about halfway through the places I’ve been to from this list and I see some of you have already fallen asleep. It’s okay though, I’m the same when people show me their holiday snaps.

Have a good rest and we will come back to this at some point later, I’ve still got plenty more pictures to show you. For those of you who really do want to plough through those top 100 Australian destinations, and I highly recommend that you do, check out “The 100 Greatest Holidays of Australia” over at Australian Traveller.

Update: There’s more, visit…

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