Brisbane’s Worst Storm since the 80s

You’re probably fed up with me keep showing you videos of storms bashing Australia and only two days ago I said to myself, yes, I do speak to myself sometimes, I said “I’ve got to stop keep showing videos of storms bashing Australia.

That decision was prompted after watching a program about ‘climate change’ which spoke about floods in Bangladesh and droughts in Texas. That’s when I thought well it’s not just Australia is it, so maybe I shouldn’t go on about it.

Then just one day later, yesterday, along comes the biggest storm to bash Brisbane for a decade according to some and since 1985 according to our state Premier Campbell Newman. And boy was it a storm, I’ve never seen black in the Bureau of Meteorology radar before, and trust me, black is bad.

bom radarAnd the storm was so bad I have simply been forced to abandon the little resolution I gave myself just two days ago. It’s a real pity, I had an amazingly cute video to show you about an Aussie native cuddly furry animal and I know you would have just loved it.

That will have to wait for another day now as, instead, I’m going to show you a battered Brisbane both during and after.

How the day unfolded

As usual I got a text message from the Brisbane Early Warning Alert Service, it said…

“QLD Severe T’ Storm: Large Hail, Heavy Rain, Damaging Winds. Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich, Caboolture Areas at Risk Next Several Hours.”

That was at 4:05 PM. So I clicked through to the BOM radar and that’s when I saw the approaching storm, but at that time it was below Logan which you can just about make out in the above image, it is to the left of Redland Bay in the yellow bit.

The problem was my wife was in the city and I knew she was due to leave at around 4:30 PM, so at 4:15 PM I had sent her a text advising her to get out of there now, because a vicious storm was on his way.

To be fair, at the time, I thought the storm might take a half-hour to maybe an hour to reach Brisbane but by 4:20 PM it was already going past my house, although we were on the fringes of it. The real action was going on to my east.

At 4:23 PM I telephoned Mrs Bob and was hoping to advise her to stay put until the storm passed. I knew her car would be in a multi-storey carpark and that would have been the safest place for it and her.

Unfortunately I didn’t get through, it just rang and rang so I guessed she had already left and when Mrs Bob phoned me at 4:39 PM from her car, I could hear the hailstones battering it as she spoke. She had pulled over to the side of the road and in her words…

“I could either pull over, stay put, and suffer some damage to the car, or I could keep driving, probably still suffer damage to the car and maybe have some kind of horrible accident.”

She made the right decision, she said she could not see more than one metre in front of her face.

The black bit, the bit I’ve mentioned, was right over her head. Black bit = super storm cell.

The car did get damaged, I’m not sure if you can see it so well in this photograph, if you click on it, it’ll get bigger, which should help…

Car Damage roofBut I can assure you that every single panel on that car now has hailstone damage, tiny little dinks, there are probably 20 to 30 of them all over the car. It’s an insurance job. Oh, after we’ve paid them the $500 excess.

It’s just over 25 kilometres from Logan to Brisbane, by my calculation the storm moved that distance in just 14 minutes. Winds were apparently as high as 140 kilometres per hour, that’s equivalent to a cyclone 2.

Now a video; a moving motion movie of the mayhem. This is the hailstorm as seen from the State Library in South Brisbane…

And don’t worry, that fluffy animal video will be showing up sometime soon, weather permitting.

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  • Caity May 8, 2015, 9:56 am |

    I live in Redland Bay, I was fortunate enough to be overseas in Los Angeles the day the storm hit, we had literally just left the day before it hit. I only found out about it because of a video Katy Perry had put on Instagram.

    • BobinOz May 8, 2015, 9:36 pm |

      Turns out a lot of people must have suffered some serious damage to their cars, my wife has only just been given a date when her car will be fixed and it’s July 13.

      So there is one very big backlog that these repairers are making their way through. You were lucky to miss it.

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