The Gabba and The End of the Line Festival

The Brisbane Cricket Ground, commonly known as The Gabba, is a major sports stadium in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. It is named after the suburb of Woolloongabba, in which it is located.

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Moving over to Wikimedia, I can show you a really cool picture of what The Gabba looks like from the inside with an image kindly provided by Rae Allen

The_Gabba_PanoramaI’m telling you all this because that’s where we were Saturday evening as can be evidenced by this really shoddy picture of The Gabba taken by me from the outside…

The Gabba (1)We were not there to watch cricket though, or to see the Brisbane Lions AFL team who also play there, or to watch any of the other sports that have occasionally graced the turf; we were there for…

The End of the Line Festival: Woolloongabba

The End of the Line Festival is a new street festival aiming to both showcase and celebrate the unique Brisbane precinct of Woolloongabba. Restaurants will extend their licenses into the cul-de-sac on Logan Rd to give a unique urban dining setting and there will be live music stages, market stalls, food trucks, projection art and plenty of activities for children during the day.

Yes, that’s how they explain it over at theendofthelinefestival website, and so it was. The festival was on from 10 o’clock in the morning through till 10 o’clock at night and included 12 live musical artists playing throughout the day from two stages in this free event.

The streets were buzzing…

The Gabba (2)

The Gabba (3)It was a very colourful event which also featured some giant thongs…

The Gabba (4)And giant high-heeled shoes which were actually bicycles with a carriage on the back…

The Gabba (5)Live music, as I mentioned…

The Gabba (6)You could grab a beer from one of the beer stalls and sit down on a bale of hay and chillout…

The Gabba (7)I did mention colourful, didn’t I?

The Gabba (8) The Gabba (9)

And here’s some more live music, this time from stage 2…

The Gabba (10)I’ve never seen or been to as many street festivals in my life as I have since moving here to Australia just seven years ago. Street festivals, community events, parties in the park, outdoor cinemas, twilight markets, there’s always something going on in the great big outdoors here in Australia.

For obvious reasons, rain stopped play to use a cricket term, we didn’t have as many of these sort of things back in the UK.

I’m not sure whether The End of the Line Festival is going to be a yearly event or not, we shall see. This years festival seem to be is some way linked with the G20 Cultural Program judging by the ‘Colour Me Brisbane‘ feel about it.

Woolloongabba (double O double L double O double B; see, it’s easy) also seems to be a bit of a hub for antiques dealers and as you can see from the architecture, the place has a fair bit of history as well.

And in one shop, the showroom dummies looked so lifelike, it was unnerving…

The Gabba Showroom Dummies
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