Jaws 5: Alive and Stalking in Esperance, Western Australia

For some reason I thought the “Jaws” franchise spawned many sequels, but I’ve just checked, there were only three. None of them were as successful as the first film, so I don’t think we can really expect a ‘Jaws 5’ to be coming out anytime soon, so this very short story will have to do instead.

Jaws 5

You may have seen this article elsewhere, apparently it’s gone viral. I think it’s worth repeating on these pages though, just in case you haven’t come across it.

On the 21st September of this year, Frits De Bruyn was on the beaches of Esperance with his camera when he noticed a surfer who wasn’t exactly alone.

So he took some photographs…

Shark Stalking shark stalking 1

shark stalking 2The surfer was Andrew Johnson and he had no idea the shark was that big or that close until he saw the photographs this week when they were released around the Internet. Incredibly, Mr Johnson did not panic, he felt that staying calm was the right thing to do.

He told the local Esperance Express “‘I’d rather try to hold my ground against it and not freak out and make a commotion“.

He also described the shark as “curious“.

That’s not the sort of word I’d be using to describe a rather large shark stalking me from just about two or three meters away. But Andrew Johnson continued paddling around with the shark close behind him until, as he said…

Then a wave came and I went with the wave, and it turned around and swam out to sea.

Yes, probably this wave…

Shark Stalking 5

shark stalking 3The incident took place in waters very close to where Sean Pollard lost his arm and both hands in a shark attack on 2 October, which I mentioned in my post Shark Attacks in Australia, 2014, Statistics So Far. Andy Johnson did admit that he had had a very close call, but did staying calm help him stay alive?

I don’t know, and it’s certainly not something I would like to ever have to put to the test.

Photographs courtesy of Frits De Bruyn.

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