Storm Season Is Here: Wild Weather Around Australia

Thermometer hotIt’s been an absolutely glorious week here in Brisbane, we did have a few scattered storms early in the week, but all the other days have been hot, sunny, with clear blue skies. Temperatures have been, for the most part, in the low to mid 30s, centigrade of course.

Or, in old English, 90° Fahrenheit and above.

But it was only 16 days ago that I wrote my post Preparing for Summer Part Two: Severe Weather in which I mentioned snow and preparing for storm season. I also mentioned the wild storms that thrashed through Sydney the night before and followed that a couple of days later with a video of those Sydney storms.

That storm though, as it turned out, was just a glimpse of what was to come this week and affect most of southern Australia. Yes, the weather may have been glorious here in Brisbane, but it’s been a totally different story elsewhere.

Storm season, in Australia, has most definitely arrived.

Melbourne have had storms with some quite spectacular lightning strikes, unfortunately one of them hit a house. Sydney copped the tail end of the storm but it was still packing a punch. But today’s video is from…


Over in Adelaide, one man was holding his baby whilst filming the storm and then, well, you’ll see what happened in this video…

Yes, 80,000 strikes at around 80,000 volts each over a three hour display. No wonder the Weather Bureau is calling “Adelaide’s biggest storm in years“.

As Crocodile Dundee would have said, “Call that a storm? This is a storm!” Or something like that.

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