Sydney’s Severe Weather and a Stradbroke Island Close Encounter

I’ve got two quite stunning videos for you today as I bring you the latest and most noteworthy news from around Australia. On Wednesday I mentioned Sydney’s severe weather and gave you the briefest details of the rain, snow and gale force winds that engulfed the area.

Sydney storms 16 October 2014

Unfortunately, the first video I originally posted about this has since been removed from YouTube. So instead, I’ve found brief and impressive timelapse footage of the storm coming in…

Whale watching on Straddie

As you know, we have been to Stradbroke Island on many occasions and we’ve done a bit of whale watching ourselves. We haven’t had a great deal of luck, although on our last trip to Straddie Mrs Bob was treated to a spectacular few minutes of a whale waving his tail at her from just about 50 metres away.

We’ve only ever been to North Stradbroke Island though, a couple of Gold Coast adventurers were swimming off of South Stradbroke Island about three weeks ago when they had an extraordinary close encounter with a couple of humpback whales.

Not many people get to take a selfie with one of these fellas…

Close encounter with humpback whales

Now that’s what I call whale watching!

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