Preparing for Summer Part Two: Severe Weather

It’s been another glorious day here in Brisbane, the Mercury nudging up around 26-27°C, very nice. Just the kind of temperature I like and the skies couldn’t have been a better shade of blue.

That’s why I was shocked to hear of the wild weather that smashed into Sydney last night. I’ve read the online news report about it and one word gets mentioned a massive 13 times.


Lithgow SnowThe above picture was sent in by Sue Collins to ABC News; not too many people playing in that park in Lithgow are there? You can see the full gallery and read the complete article over at

Here are just some of those “snow” references from that article:

  • snowfall cuts power to tens of thousands
  • an unseasonal snow storm in the Blue Mountains
  • this time last year, the Blue Mountains were covered in smoke from bushfires; today parts of them are blanketed in snow.
  • reports of up to 20 centimetres of snow falling at Oberon and Lithgow
  • snow and power outages have closed several schools
  • I peeled about three or four inches of snow off the windscreen of the car but I can’t get anywhere because all the roads are closed
  • just snow everywhere

Ferries and flights have been cancelled, roads have been closed, trees are down and some cars have been crunched, all victims of the gale force winds and incredibly heavy rainfalls in the area.

Storms like this are part and parcel of life in Australia and every year as we approach summer we are advised to prepare for the storm season.

Preparing for storm season

Three years ago in 2011 I got a quite expensively produced foldout booklet advising how I could prepare for storm season, it came with a covering letter from the then Premier of Queensland, Anna Bligh. I wrote about that in my post called A Letter from the Premier of Queensland!

Here’s what that booklet and letter looked like…

Get Ready QueenslandIn 2013, under the more frugal LNP run state government, we received a more modest cutout and keep “Emergency contact card” to help us and I wrote about that in Preparing for the Storm Season in Australia.

storm seasonThis year, still under LNP, our severe weather preparation list came delivered to our door as a simple DL leaflet which does, again, make much more economic sense. After all, websites are so much cheaper.

Here’s this years advice:

severe weather 1

severe weather 2And this leaflet promoted two websites:

So, there you have it, advice to help you prepare for severe weather. Sorry Sydney, one day too late for some of you, I hope the big cleanup is going well.

Oh, almost forgot. If you are wondering why this is called “Part Two”, it’s because we also have:

ZZZZzzzzzzz – Splat!

Visa Assessment Service
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  • djmcbell October 16, 2014, 10:24 pm |

    I would definitely go out and play in that snow! Why not?

    • BobinOz October 17, 2014, 5:50 pm |

      There’s a snowman in there just waiting to be built.

      • djmcbell October 17, 2014, 9:50 pm |

        A giant snowman! With laser eye beams!

        Every Australian’s worst nightmare. Except for horses.

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