The World Harmony Society’s Children’s Festival 2014 at Springfield

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Springfield before on this blog, that’s where we found ourselves on Saturday afternoon for the World Harmony Society’s Children’s Festival 2014.

Festival 2014If Springfield were in the UK, I reckon we would call it a ‘new town’; according to Wikipedia, here it is known as a ‘satellite city’…

Springfield is a satellite city that was specifically designed and located to reduce population growth along the coastal strip from the Sunshine Coast down to the Gold Coast. It is also the name of the first suburb developed in the master plan. At the 2011 Australian Census the suburb of Springfield recorded a population of 6,618.

Their article goes on to say that Greater Springfield has projected a population of 80,000 people by 2030. Springfield comes under the Local Government Area of the City of Ipswich and is 26 kilometres south of Brisbane’s CBD. It’s a good run in by road though, it’s pretty much motorway all the way with the Centenary and Western Highways.

But we were there at Robelle Domain Park with our daughter Elizabeth and one of her friends Millie simply to have some fun. And we did.

The event certainly had a very multicultural feel about it and we were treated to several dance performances from various cultures…

Springfield Dance 1 Springfield Dance 2

Springfield DanceThe Serbians were my favourites.

The park itself is quite impressive.

Robelle Domain Park

Springfield Park 1 Springfield Park 2 Springfield Park 3

Springfield ParkNo Australian park would be complete without those free barbecues, that’s some feast your cooking up there dude!

Springfield FeastThe waterpark though is one of the main features…

Springfield Park 5Children’s Festival 2014

But what of the festival itself?

Well, we all had a great day out. As with so many of these community events it was free to get in. It was also quite busy…

Springfield Busy 1 Springfield Busy 2

Springfield BusyAnd I have to say, the kids had great fun.

Springfield Fun 1 Springfield Fun 2 Springfield Fun 3 Springfield Fun 4

Springfield FunThe rides you see in those pictures were not free, but they were unlimited with a $10 wristband. I believe that went to help support victims of the Ipswich floods, so even that was money well spent.

The whole day was topped off with a firework display at 8 PM, free of course. If there is a Children’s Festival 2015 in Springfield and you happen to be close by, give it a go. You won’t be disappointed.

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