Eat Street Markets: Brisbane’s Hip New Food and Fun Court

Those of you who have read every page of my website and committed it all to memory will surely remember Containerval Festival: Art, Crafts and Containers in Brisbane. Elizabeth and I had a great time wheeling Mrs Bob around in a wheelchair; she had a broken leg at the time.

We returned to the same venue on Saturday evening, but the sign had changed. It no longer said “Containerval”, it is now called…

Eat Street MarketsEat Street Markets

Eat Street Markets can be found a few kilometres north of Brisbane City centre in a suburb called Hamilton, the markets themselves are in Hamilton Wharf which backs on to the Brisbane River.

Open every Friday and Saturday from 4 PM to 10 PM and then Sunday’s until 7 PM, Eat Street Markets still has all those containers, but most of them have been converted into mini restaurants serving Asian and international cuisine.

If you are hungry, Eat Street Markets is the place to be…

Eat Street Food (1) Eat Street Food (2) Eat Street Food (3) Eat Street Food (4)

Eat Street Food (5)If you like music, it’s got music…

Eat Street Music (1)Look, here’s one of the bands…

Eat Street Music (2)And another one…

Eat Street Music (3)

If you would like an alcoholic drink, there’s a bar…

Eat Street BarThere are even a few stalls selling various stuffs…

Eat Street Market Stall (1)

Eat Street Market Stall (2)What did I think of it?


EnjoyYes, I liked it; I’ll certainly be going again even though they rather cheekily charge a $2.00 fee to get in. Oh, and for those of you who wondered where the river was, here you are…

Eat Street by the River
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  • djmcbell September 16, 2014, 12:54 am |

    A bit off-topic here, but I quite like how people are re-using containers. Lots of people have been using them to make cheap designer homes too.

    • BobinOz September 16, 2014, 6:29 pm |

      I saw an episode of ‘Doomsday Preppers’ and one guy had created a fort by piling containers on top of each other in a great big square around his house with little gaps that he could use as turrets to fire at the oncoming enemy.

      Good old containers 🙂

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