The News Around Australia: Nothing Much Has Happened At All

Bank RobberLike anywhere else in the world, Queensland, indeed Australia, has crime. We have murders, we have robberies, we have bashings, yes, that’s what we tend to call them here and we have… I know, let’s do a list.

10 serious crimes in Australia:

  1. Homicide
  2. Assault
  3. Sexual assault
  4. Robbery
  5. Unlawful entry with intent
  6. Motor vehicle theft
  7. Other theft
  8. Fraud and deception related crime
  9. Federal charges
  10. Drug arrests

But then sometimes, like yesterday, nothing much happens.

Update: December 2014

Originally this article did include five YouTube videos from the news around this country. Here we are just a few months later and every single one of those videos has been removed by either YouTube or the user.


I can only imagine it was because they were all stunningly boring. Yes, the news was all about nothing, and the fact all these videos have now been removed only proves my point that nothing exciting happened during the week.

So which videos did you miss exactly?

Gold Coast

You know nothing much has happened when the top story, the lead story, the first story up, the main news of the day is basically it’s been a bit blowy down the Goldie. Yes, they had a report from the beach with a live report explaining that the winds were so strong that one man lost his hat AND his glasses!

Me and Mrs Bob gasped when we heard that!

Yes, on the day that Ukraine reported a Russian invasion on a new front, 7 News Queensland open their program with almost 3 1/2 minutes about a windy day which, by the afternoon, had pretty much started to clear.

Well, Eastern Europe is a long long way away.

Elsewhere in Australia


Let’s whiz over to Melbourne to find out what was going on there yesterday. Apparently it was a foggy day.

Hmm, nasty. Thankfully, as the news reader on the original video did informed us, it cleared up to a nice sunny day by the afternoon.


Let’s head west, then west some more, and then a little further west until we hit Perth. Let’s see what’s going on over there. This hit the news on Tuesday: Cottesloe Beach shutdown for the whole afternoon!


Shark spotted in the area apparently.


Well, not Sydney, but Moruya, a New South Wales coastal town around 200 kilometres or so south of Sydney between Ulladulla and Bega. My first video did mention a low-pressure system in northern New South Wales. If that low-pressure system started in southern New South Wales, I reckon this would have been part of it.

Ever get to a road that’s possibly a wee bit flooded and wondered whether in your mighty 4×4 would make it across? These people thought they would on Monday…

Well, no guessing what happened in the actual video, they didn’t make it. Maybe this was one where the user took it down out of embarrassment.

You’d be astonished at how often people try, and fail, to get across flooded roads here; on occasions people have lost their lives. Don’t risk it; it’s just not worth it.

Surely there must be some serious news in this country somewhere?


Yes there is, and we need to return to yesterday’s news from Melbourne for the story. Toddler gets fingers stuck in bath tub…

Oh, surely they could have just left that video up? Everybody loves a ‘toddler gets fingers stuck in bath tub’ video! Never mind.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the news here can be horrible, sad and shocking. Other times though, it can be like this, as you will know if you’ve read The great muffin scare of 2008 and my Roundup of the News over the Last Seven Days in 2010.

I prefer the latter; no (real) news is good news.

What? No video?

So that’s the end of this update and all the videos are gone. Yes, I know, you feel cheated. So I dug around YouTube and I found a video that went online around Christmas time in 2010.

So far it has had over 20 million views.

It’s nothing to do with the news, the important thing though is that surely this video won’t get taken down now, will it? Fingers crossed…

Close “clear-air” lightning bolt! – Darwin Australia

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  • djmcbell September 1, 2014, 5:33 pm |

    Here in the UK we’ve had a big story that (at least) 1,400 girls were sexually abused in one town, Rotherham. It was major news for a couple of days but has seemingly vanished from major news reports. I spoke to my parents, who live in Australia, over the weekend – it seems they’re seeing more reporting on it over there than we are here, and wondered whether it has something to do with Rotherham being a northern town, and thus a victim of the north/south divide…

    • BobinOz September 2, 2014, 3:17 pm |

      I actually saw a documentary about that a couple of years ago, it truly is shocking what went on in and around Rotherham. We have had a bit of coverage on it here, but not huge amounts. I don’t think it’s a north-south divide thing, I think the fear in the UK is that as these perpetrators were all of an ethnic minority, people are scared of it being classed as a racist complaint, or at least they were when it first came to light, which is nonsense.

      Doesn’t matter where these people came from, they are disgusting and vile criminals and should be treated as such.

      • djmcbell September 2, 2014, 5:40 pm |

        Yeah, there’s still a fear of being labelled racist when it’s nothing of the sort. People are people, and if people are guilty of something then they should be punished regardless.

        I used to work for the government on a short-term contract during that period, and did see (and was briefed on) a document which basically meant that people from ethnic minorities were given advantages over white, British citizens. This wasn’t anything like translators or help settling in, things which would have helped put them on a “level pegging”, but something much better for them. At the same time our office was told we couldn’t refer to Christmas as “Christmas”, but as “the current religious festival”. And the year before, when I worked in retail, I did have a customer complain about me (and try to get me sacked) when I wished them a “merry Christmas”. Apparently I was “trying to enforce my religious beliefs” on her.

        The above does sound a bit cloak-in-dagger, and also a bit Daily Mail (that old rag which paints every immigrant and benefit claimant as scum, post naked pictures of celebrities down the side and then campaign against online pornography on the same page). But it was true, and just shows what the climate was like back then. Everyone wanted to be careful to sidestep any sort of race or religious issue. In the Rotherham case it worked to the perpetrators’ advantage as it transpires that nearly all of them were Muslim (though they have been denounced by Muslims at large – I’ve known plenty of people from a whole multitude of ethnic origins and each of them have been good people).

        Bob – you say you saw a documentary about it a few years ago, and I think some stuff did come out in our press a few years ago regarding it. The report into it was released last week and, to be honest, I think it’s the first a LOT of people have heard of it. We’re also hearing now that some of the victims were trafficked to other cities such as Sheffield, Bradford and Leeds, which makes me think that there are similar abuses occurring there. Other people are saying there are trafficking rings happening near them, all over the country.

        • BobinOz September 2, 2014, 9:17 pm |

          I have to say I’m really surprised that this didn’t get a huge public airing in the UK when it first went to court, which I think might have been as far back as 2010? The documentary I saw here in Australia would have definitely been made in England, so I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t shown on TV there.

          What I am surprised about though is that I have searched through Google for “Rotherham child sex abuse documentary TV” and I can’t find a single thing. I didn’t dream it, I definitely saw it, I say two years ago, it may have been one or it may have been three, but I definitely saw it and it shocked me to the core.

          If that had been shown in the UK I’m sure everyone would have heard about it. And yes, the documentary produced evidence of young girls being driven to other towns and cities in a 30 to 40 mile radius, I vaguely recall they may have even put a tracking device on a car to see where it went.

          We can all hope and pray this is an isolated incident, but the fear is that this isn’t and that maybe it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Not just in England, but in towns and countries all over the world. We need to look after our own children, we need to know where they are, who there with and what they’re up to at all times, even when there 14, 15 or 16 or more and think they are old enough not to explain themselves.

          It’s our job, parents, we can’t rely on anyone else.

          Merry Christmas indeed.

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