Royal Shows in Australia: When the City Meets the Country

Over 400,000 visitors, oodles of fun, a million-dollar light show and 145,001 strawberry sundaes over a massive 10 days.”

Well, that’s what the commentator says at the end of the EKKA highlights video I’ll show you later in this post, although my understanding is that the total attendance only actually reached 380,000.

Coming soon: Month of rain in two days

Yes, that was the headline a few days ago and that very same rainfall did put a dent in the EKKA attendance figures. I’ve been to two EKKA’s since I’ve lived here, I wasn’t quite ready for a third yet, but Mrs Bob and Elizabeth were looking forward to attending the show when we heard the news about the rain.

The rain was very welcome by all those who received it in Queensland, which is 75.5% in drought at the moment. The rainfall was also quite a relief for many in New South Wales. But as Elizabeth went to bed on Saturday night, she was praying for the rain to stop; Sunday she was going to the Ekka with her mum and some friends.

But, in typical Queensland style, two days of downpours quickly turned into another 23°C, sunny and clear blue sky day in Brisbane.

Pink ElephantBehind that rather large pink elephant is a very happy Elizabeth. Elizabeth is very much into elephants at the moment, and when Mrs Bob saw a man walking around holding Big Pinky, she rather cheekily asked him if he was interested in selling it.

Is it for your daughter?” he asked

Mrs Bob confirmed that it was and with that he smiled and said…

She can have it.”

Other highlights of their day included the big pumpkin…

Big PumkinMaking new friends…

New FriendsSome kind of newborn animal by the looks…

NewbornAnd Elizabeth as you have never seen her before…

Elizabeth MooThe girls all tell me they had a fantastic day out, and this year, for the first time, they stayed for the night time show and the fireworks display. Apparently it was absolutely spectacular.

The EKKA is a massive event here in Queensland, but we are not the only state to enjoy a ‘Royal Show’. Here’s a list of all the major Royal Shows in all the states in all of Australia, including links to their websites.

Royal Shows around Australia:

So, what are these ‘Royal Shows’ all about?

If you want to see what one of these shows look like, please check out the video on my post…

If you want to find out more about the EKKA, then visit Ekka: Royal Queensland Show. You can even watch more videos on their ‘EKKA TV’.

You can’t buy Showbags though, you have to turn up to get hold of those.

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