Show Day Holidays in Australia

What is a Show Day holiday?

Good question.

Well, today, here in Brisbane, it’s been “People’s Day”. I won’t tell you what People’s Day is because, you won’t be surprised to hear, we had People’s Day last year and I explained it all in my post called People’s Day in Brisbane and Everything You Need to Know About the EKKA.

What’s the EKKA?

Another good question which is also answered in full by clicking on the above mentioned link. Here’s a brief look though…

ekkaPeople’s Day only happens in and around Brisbane, so let’s take a look at what happens in other parts of the country.

Show Day holidays elsewhere in Australia


I found a website that lists other show days here in Queensland, it had an absolutely astonishing number, so many I couldn’t count them. At a guess, 86.

Top of the list was the Alpha Annual Show which was for the Barcaldine Region – Alpha and Jericho areas.

Bottom of the list was the Collinsville Annual Show which was for, and I quote “the area formerly known as that part of Div 3 of the Shire of Bowen south of the Bogie River from its confluence with the Burdekin River to its source and then easterly by the Clarke Range to the eastern boundary of the Shire.”

Gosh! That’s a bit of a mouthful. Where is this place? What’s it known as now?

The Whitsunday Region.

Ah, now I understand.

New South Wales

NSW was a little quieter, their list only had 20 public holidays, a mix of show days and cups, horseracing kind of cups I think.

Top of their list was the Walcha Cup for the Walcha Council area, but more interesting was the second placed Kangaroo Valley Show which is held each year in “that part of the County of Camden, the Parish of Cambewarra and those portions of the Parishes of Burrawang, Bugong, Yarrawa and Wallawa, situated within the Shoalhaven City Council area.

It was also interesting to note that “Grafton City within the Clarence Valley Shire Council area” will be having the afternoon off on Thursday, 30 October this year to celebrate Jacaranda Thursday.


At this point I should go on listing hundreds and hundreds of Show Day (or other strange day) holidays around Australia, but it is People’s Day and I should be taking it easy, just like everybody else.

So that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I’m not going to the EKKA this year and I suspect you’re not either, but that doesn’t stop us enjoying some EKKA fun. In true ‘here’s one I made earlier’ fashion, join me as I watch my EKKA movie, 32 things to do at the Ekka…

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