Nothing More Relaxing Than Fish

Last week I mentioned that it was Queensland’s 150th birthday. To celebrate that, some time back in February the owners of some of the theme parks over at the Gold Coast put together a special deal.

For just $50 per child and $80 per adult they were selling passes which gave unlimited entry to three of the theme parks until the end of June this year. My wife has gone with her friends, taking our daughter to these parks, on many occasions. But this weekend I completed my personal treble by visiting Sea World.

As you know from previous posts I have already visited Wet’n’Wild and Movie World. These theme parks are hugely convenient to Brisbane residents, being only about a one hour drive from the city. Normally entry for Wet’n’Wild is $50 and the other two $70 each, so even though I only went to each park once, I got great value with this ticket.

Sea World was nothing like I expected it to be. Back in England I used to visit Sea-Life Adventure in Southend, which was basically a large collection of fish tanks displaying different kinds of fish. Not too dissimilar to the video above.

There was plenty of that here, but this place was huge. There were loads of rides, shows and attractions. There was a skiing display, a Big Bird Theatre, a Sea Lion Show, penguins, manterays and a shark bay.

I was the only one who was hungry as we walked towards the Dolphin Show, so I stopped off for a burger and told the rest that I would see them there. But by the time I arrived, the show was all over. I have no complaints, it was a lovely burger.

But, thanks to the wonder of technology and the joy of YouTube we can watch it all together.

For the record, I enjoyed all of these parks. I think they all offered an excellent day out and the facilities, rides and cleanliness were good. Each theme park offered something different, so I could not answer which is best. Price-wise, not much different from the UK, with Chessington and Thorpe Park priced about the same at normal entry costs. But with these cheap birthday passes I have to say that the value I received was excellent.

I can’t wait for Queensland’s 200th birthday party and if they repeat this special offer, I could just be tempted to go to these parks again.

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