Wild Weather Hits Victoria and Tasmania, Southern Australia

Last Wednesday I was kind of bragging about the rising temperatures here in Brisbane even though we were still in the middle month of winter. In the post about Brisbane’s Winters the temperature on the day was around 26°C and the forecast was for it to get even hotter.

Well, on Friday in some parts of Brisbane the Mercury did touch 30°C. But, as we know, Australia is a big country. Let’s take a look at what was happening further south.

In Adelaide, wild winds were causing chaos and in Tasmania those winds were deadly with one life lost.

Unfortunately, both of the YouTube videos I had to go with this article have been removed by the users. In fact all videos about those wild winds in Adelaide in Tasmania at the time have now been removed.

All I have left is this.


Ballarat is a city roughly 100 kilometres north, and a little bit to the west, of Melbourne. This is how the weather looked for them on Friday, yes, the same Friday that Brisbane was enjoying a scorcher…

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