Cycling on the Gold Coast: The Hinterland, Beaches and Charity

Well, we may have cycled all the major Australian cities over the last few weeks, but we’re not done with our bikes just yet. Now it’s time to turn our attention to the coast.

I’ve got three videos for you today, and they are not short, so I will be. Let’s head straight on over to our destination.

The Gold Coast

Bike TrailFirst, let’s head for the hills.

The Hinterland

The Gold Coast may be best known for its great beaches and busy nightlife, but there is another side to the Goldie. Drive in the opposite direction of the sea and you will soon be in the hinterland. Mount Tamborine is a big tourist attraction of the area, back in 2010 I went for a ramble around one of the rainforests there.

Go further south though and you’ll get to Springbrook National Park; a great place to ride your bike.

Beach fun ride

Of course, most people do think of the beach when they think of the Gold Coast, and yes, it’s possible to cycle close to the beach on a shared path with pedestrians.

But why do that when you can ride ON the beach?

Charity bike ride

The Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge is Queensland’s biggest bike ride and will celebrate its 10th anniversary when this year’s race takes place in October. The ride, as you can imagine, is from Brisbane to the Gold Coast and covers the 100 kilometres that separates the two. It’s for charity, raising funds for the Heart Foundation.

In last year’s race, the Cromwell Cycle Team did extraordinary well. Check out their video, which starts in Brisbane’s South Bank, but it doesn’t take them long to get to the Gold Coast.

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