A Foodie’s Paradise at South Bank Parklands in Brisbane

This weekend, Brisbane’s South Bank Parklands was turned into a foodie’s heaven. South Bank Parklands, in case you didn’t know, has been through an amazing facelift since the floods of 2011

South Bank Facelift (2) South Bank Facelift (3) South Bank Facelift (4) South Bank Facelift (5)

South Bank Facelift (1)Yes, South Bank Parklands is our lagoon by the river, opposite the city…

South Bank Foodies 026South Bank’s Regional Flavours

Over the weekend South Bank had an event called “Regional Flavours’ which, according to their own blurb is “…South Bank’s signature food and lifestyle event“.

South Bank Foodies 001The place was buzzing, lots of people, lots of stalls and, well, lots of food.

South Bank Foodies 005

South Bank Foodies 009They also had quite a few ‘show and tells’, all foodie related of course, and on Sunday there was to be a special guest appearance from a contestant on “Masterchef”…

South Bank Foodies 013

There was also wine tasting…

South Bank Foodies 020

Trust me on this one, most of the people in this area are sampling free wine. There was also a temporary pub…

South Bank Foodies 021South Bank does always host the Lifestyle Markets on a Saturday and Sunday as well, and this weekend was no different…

South Bank Lifestyle Markets…but we haven’t finished with the food yet, because over behind the Wheel of Brisbane…

South Bank Foodies 053

South Bank Foodies 055…just as Regional Flavours was closing down for the evening, another foodfest was just opening its doors for the night.

Night Noodle Markets at South Bank

This one lasts a little longer; having opened on Thursday it will continue through to 27 July. This place was insanely busy, I’ve not seen crowds like this in Brisbane since the last time I went to the EKKA. It was pretty much shoulder to shoulder stuff…

South Bank Foodies 057

South Bank Foodies 059Whilst we had nibbled on the nosh available at Regional Flavours during the afternoon, we had earmarked for ourselves a more substantial Asian dish for the evening. It didn’t quite work out that way though.

The queues were so long for almost each and every one of the stalls selling their night-time noodles that it would probably have been quicker to drive to a supermarket, park up, buy all the necessary ingredients to make a noodle dish, drive all the way home, fire up the cooker, and toss the ingredients around in some kind of great big wok.

We didn’t do that though, we stopped off at Noodle Box on the way home.

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  • liisa rinta-tassi August 13, 2014, 1:14 am |

    Have visited Brisbane twice and I love it. The apportunity for people to swin in a calm sea just opposite the City. Walking around is an opportunity too, take one the ferries and just ajust to the Australien living in a calm way. It is an experience for a foreigner coming from Europe to see this all.
    And add to all, the museums I’ve seen are just marvelous at the South bank.

    • BobinOz August 13, 2014, 7:44 pm |

      Yes, it’s a wonderful area to visit, especially being so close to the city. And those ferries are just an added bonus. Always plenty to do at South Bank.

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