Cycling in Darwin and Hobart

For the last six weeks or so we’ve been cycling around Australia’s major cities on bikes without using the obligatory cycle helmets. That’s because we’ve been cycling ‘virtually’ from our armchairs via the wonder that is YouTube.

We’ve enjoyed bike riding in Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and last week Brisbane, so now there are just two major cities left. It’s time to get our bike out again.

Mountain BikingDarwin and Hobart

We are going to cover both of those cities today, you’ll see why in a minute. I’m going to start with…


Any of you who have read my post called Tasmania: What’s the point? will know how much I fell in love with the place when I went there for a holiday three years ago. I would imagine that Hobart, with its cooler climate and quiet roads would be ideal for cycling.

Surprisingly though, I didn’t come across too many (none actually) cycling videos that gave us any kind of glimpse of the city itself, but I soon discovered what must be ‘the thing to do on a bike in Hobart’.

The Mt Wellington Descent cycle tour in Hobart

That was fun, wasn’t it? Now let’s go to:


If it was hard finding cycling videos in Hobart, it was almost impossible to find any in Darwin. I wondered if it was anything to do with the heat. One video I did find though was of a Dutch couple cycling, can you believe, from Darwin to Alice Springs, a journey of some 1500 kilometres.

I wonder if this couple could give us any clues as to why not too many people cycle in those parts. Let’s ask…

There you go; I think we have our answer.

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