Things to Do in Australia During Winter Holidays

It’s the start of the second week of the winter school holidays here and for those who have decided not to go away, there’s always plenty to do in and around where you live.

Take, for example, where I live in Brisbane. A quick Google for “things to do in Brisbane during the school holidays” will reveal there’s plenty to do, and lots of stuff for free.

  • First in the search results was a link to where they had a staggering 79 ideas in a list of places to go to for a day trip, many of them free.
  • Second in the search results was a link to the Queensland government’s website which had pages and pages of things to do in their list called School holiday activities for kids and teens.
  • Then I refined my search to articles written within the last month and easily found the Brisbane school holiday guide published recently by Brisbane Times with another list of 30 or more things to do.

Kids funtimeI’m sure if I were to replace “Brisbane” in my search term with any of our other Australian cities I would find just as many results and things to do.

Not much time to get bored here in Australia during the holidays, even in winter.

Gold Coast theme parks

We’ve also got a number of theme parks on the Gold Coast, but obviously they are not free. Every year though, and this is only for the residents of Queensland and northern New South Wales which is the whereabouts of these theme parks, they offer reduced rates on annual passes.

The deal was this:

  • $119.99 for a VIP Magic Pass Gold
  • This gives unlimited entry to 3 theme parks until end of June 2015
  • That’s Movie World, SeaWorld and Wet “n” Wild
  • It also includes one free entry to each of the following three shows; Carnivale, Fright Nights and White Christmas
  • There’s more; buy 3 tickets and get one free

So, by joining forces with your pals, you can get four tickets for less than $360, that’s $90 each. Unlimited entry to 3 theme parks, three shows thrown in, the overall value of each ticket is well over $300 and that’s assuming you only go to each theme park once.

But you can go as many times as you want!

Mrs Bob always buys a pass, because, well, they are just terrific value. Quite a few of Elizabeth’s friends and their mums get them too and already they’ve been down that way a couple times during the school holiday to have some fun.

I know, this is beginning to sound like an advert, but it’s not, I just think everybody should know about these deals. Here’s a glimpse at what these parks are like, starting with the first show that Mrs Bob and Elizabeth went to the other day.


carnivale (1)To find out what Carnivale was like, I went straight to the top, I spoke to Elizabeth. I asked what it was like.

Awesome! Really cool. There were lots of dancers, like um, in costumes and stuff. There were a couple of dancers who were like in skimpy things, they must have been freezing. There was a really good parade and um, all the rides were open and everything and it was really good.

Let’s have a brief glance at what that looked like…

carnivale (2) carnivale (4)

Yes, that would have been decidedly chilly. And this looked a wee bit scary…

carnivale (3)SeaWorld

Mrs Bob, Elizabeth and friends also had time to squeeze in a quick visit to SeaWorld, the first of (probably) many. This is what SeaWorld looks like in the middle of winter in Queensland…

SeaWorld (2) SeaWorld (3) SeaWorld (4)

SeaWorld (1)Now that Elizabeth and her friends are a little older, they are going on more and more daring rides. Being as they always go down there in a bit of a crowd, Mrs Bob doesn’t have to get on these rides as well, unless she wants to.

And sometimes she does. Kids eh?

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