Cycling in Perth: City and the Fremantle Track

*This post may contain World Cup spoilers*

Now that Australia have been knocked out of the World Cup and England are hanging on by the very tips of their fingers (or is it toes?) it’s time to return to my ‘cycling to’ series.

So far we have been Cycling in Adelaide and through Stromlo Forest Park in Canberra, this week we are going…

Cycling in Perth

Cycling in Perth

Remember, were not at all interested in cycling really, what we do like though is to take the opportunity to look at other cities around Australia in “slowish” motion. What better way of doing that than by bicycle?

This first video was created by the Rotary Club of Perth in 2013 during the Santos bike ride for charity. This one has great views of the city and Swan River…

Cycling from Perth City to Fremantle

The city of Fremantle is about 20 odd kilometres south of Perth and it looks like there is a cycle path that goes along the side of the Swan River for almost all of that journey. Watch out for what might well be a Stumpy Tailed Lizard crossing that cycle path…

That was fun, wasn’t it? Well the fun’s all over now though, time to cycle to work…

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