Australia Win World Cup

HockeyWould you believe it? The Australians thrashed the Netherlands in the World Cup final 6-1 after going 1-0 down. Of course, it wasn’t the football or ‘soccer’ World Cup, it was the Hockey World Cup.

No matter, it’s still a fantastic result for the ‘Kookaburras’ as Australia’s hockey team is called. They cruised to yesterday’s final beating teams 3-1, 3-0, 4-0 and (England) 5-0 along the way before crushing Argentina 5-1 in the semifinals.

Back to the Football World Cup

Unfortunately for Australia as a nation, in an ironic twist of fate they need to play the Netherlands again, this time at football. If the Aussies can pull off that 6-1 result again, I’ll eat my hat.

World Cup fever has certainly taken off here in Australia following the teams excellent second-half fightback against Chile.

Watching the World Cup in a pub

I notice that back in the UK some pubs are being granted late licences to accommodate the 11 PM kickoffs. Here it’s a more complicated story, each of our states have different licensing laws.

As some of you will know if you read my post on Friday called Watching the World Cup: UK Versus Australia Compared, I could have gone with my mates to watch England’s opening (8 AM) game in the Pig ‘n’ Whistle.

Glad I didn’t.

Whilst the Pig ‘n’ Whistle is open for all 64 World Cup games, it has to close after the 2 AM match before reopening again for the 5 AM game. It also cannot serve alcohol between 5 AM and 9 AM, so the first half of the England Italy game would have been alcohol free and there would have been a very long queue for a drink at the start of the second half.

I haven’t researched it thoroughly, but this is what I think is happening around the rest of Australia. I’ve excluded casinos which generally speaking have 24-hour licences.

BeerNew South Wales

Some pubs will be open for the 2 AM kickoffs, but you need to show up before 1:30 AM to get in. Last orders will be called at 3 AM until the bar opens again at 5 AM.

So if you want a dry throat for the whole of the second half, go to the pub, if not, watch these 2 o’clock in the morning kickoffs from home.


Not too many problems in Melbourne if you go to the Imperial Hotel, it has a 24-hour drinking licence. Other pubs appear to have extended licences as well.

Western Australia

There are now 16 licensed premises that can open for the morning games and more venues are expected to be announced by the Department of Liquor Licensing in due course. Games in WA air between midnight and 8 AM.

In order to serve liquor, pubs will have to comply with strict conditions which include locking people out if they arrive more than 20 minutes late for the kick-off.

South Australia

Licensing laws have been relaxed in Adelaide for the World Cup, although in the CBD you will have to have entered the venue before 3 AM. I couldn’t find out too much more specific information about liquor serving times.


Not quite sure what the licensing laws are in and around Canberra, but this is great. The Lighthouse Pub will be showing all of the Socceroos (Australia’s national football team) games live and will be shouting everybody in the pub a free drink each time Australia scores a goal.

Oh, if only they could have done that for the hockey final.

I couldn’t find out too much about Tasmania or Northern Territory when it comes to extended pub hours for the World Cup, but I did find this.

The Birdsville Hotel

The iconic 130-year-old Queensland pub in the middle of nowhere doesn’t seem to share the enthusiasm of the rest of the country. They will be shut throughout each and every morning of the entire event.

We didn’t know the World Cup was on tomorrow,” a spokesman for the Birdsville Hotel said. “Not many soccer fans out here.”

Birdsville Hotel

If you’re not sure where the best place to watch the football is where you live in Australia, you could always join the Green and Gold Army in one of their live venues, they surely know what they are doing.

Where are you watching the World Cup?


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