Queensland’s Birthday Party

You will probably remember from last week’s post that I was spoiled for choice for things to do this weekend, what with Queensland celebrating its’ 150th birthday. After taking a long hard look at all the events that were available, it came down to a straight choice. A battle between the Exhibition Exploring Greek Embroidery in Queensland and Greenfest.

Greenfest won.

Saturday had been a great hot and sunny day, but we had decided to go on Sunday. Unfortunately, we awoke on Sunday morning to torrential rain, Brisbane style. By 9.30 am it was looking like the day was ruined.

But by 11 am, hot and sunny again! So off we went…..

Greenfest was actually a three day event running from Friday through to Sunday. It had three music stages and if you watched the video you will know that there were 19 bands. But that was just on Sunday! Over the entire event there were probably around 70 to 80 bands playing live. On top of that, there were around 50 or so workshops, a kids zone, a green heart zone, chill out zone and an extreme weather heroes zone.

Entry was free, the kids rides were free and there were lots of stalls giving away free stuff. How good is that? And Tesla Motors were there displaying their all electric sports car. Unfortunately, the car wasn’t free. It was $200,000. Oh well.

This is as close as I’ll get to one…….

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