It’s All Happening in Queensland

It’s been a big week here in Queensland, and it’s going to continue to get bigger. There is so much going on; I don’t know where to start. Here is as good a place as any………

State of Origin

State of origin is a term used in sports and the best way I can explain it is to compare with Great Britain. Over there, we have England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales and each has its own sporting teams, consisting of people born in those places. Here it is all “Australia”, but we do have states. Somebody’s State of origin is not necessarily where they were born, but where they either played their sport first or played it the most.

The “State of Origin” I want to talk about is the one that relates specifically to rugby league and is played annually between Queensland and New South Wales. It is a huge sporting event in these parts, it is always a sell-out at each of the three games in the series and attracts massive TV audiences.

Cane Toads VS Cockroaches

Cane Toads VS Cockroaches

Image courtesy of Cadland

The rivalry between the two sides is intense, not too dissimilar to the old England vs Scotland in the Home International Championships. Queensland are known as the cane toads whereas New South Wales are known as the cockroaches. I will talk more about interstate rivalry in another post.

Last year I didn’t pay too much attention to it. But this year, on Wednesday, I was down at the local Sports and Rec club, watching it with five of my mates. Look at me, I’m starting to act like a proper Aussie already!

It was one way traffic for most of the game and Queensland ended up winners 28 – 18. The second game in the set is in two weeks time and I guess I’ll be back down at the bar to see it.


But that is only part of the big week. The 6th – 13th of June is Queensland Week and rather a special one. Queensland Week basically celebrates this state’s birthday and this year it is 150 years old. So there is plenty going on.

We have Greenfest, we have The Dreaming – Australia’s International Indigenous Festival, we have Queensland Day Citizenship Ceremony, we have Creative Generation – State Schools Onstage, we have Open Day at Government House, we have the Cooktown Re-enactment Committee Costume Ball, we have Queensland Week Gun Salute, we have Queensland Pipe Band Championships including the Solo Piping and Solo Drumming Championships, we have Boots’n Bulldust Festival, we have Stitches of the Heart – an Exhibition Exploring Greek Embroidery in Queensland….

Sorry, a what! Greek embroidery? Yes, it’s true, I used to have a link here to the details. Alas it’s gone.

Enough of the long list already, although I could go on, there is so much more. There’s comedy, there’s music and there’s Queensland’s favourite icons and greatest people announcements. So we are not going to be short of something to do this weekend.

And it’s a long weekend too. We have a bank holiday on Monday for…… the Queen’s birthday. Not even the UK celebrates that!

So, no post on Monday, I’ll be too busy having fun.

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  • Col B. December 2, 2014, 11:11 pm |

    Heh heh…. Won’t be long before Victoria joins the state Of Origin. We Victorians can be called “Mexicans”!. We trap Cockroaches as bait for feeshing by the reever while we eet hot chilli’d Cane Toad legs on the barbee!. ‘Ey amigo! geet the beer from de eesky, mate!.

    • BobinOz December 3, 2014, 1:45 pm |

      Our cane toads will eat those cockroaches before you get the chance 🙂 Then we can sit and share those beers together. Then we will beat you at rugby 🙂

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