Brisbane City’s Waterside Development Running Riot for Money: Pictures

According to the mightily intelligent entity known as Google, New Farm to Brisbane CBD is 3.4 kilometres or, as they go on to say, 7 minutes drive in current traffic.

I think it’s fair to say that New Farm is in the heart of Brisbane. And here’s the proof, a picture taken from New Farm with Brisbane City not too far away in the background…

Brisbane City

I’ve been to New Farm a couple of times before. The first time was back in November 2009 when I mentioned it briefly in a post; I also included a photograph of the iconic Brisbane Powerhouse.

The second time was almost 3 years later and on this occasion I actually went into the Powerhouse to see Sabrina Lawrie, a local musician, play live. Unfortunately I got there just in time to hear her last song.

Despite missing out, we still had a great Winter’s Day in the Park in Brisbane as you will see if you check that post out and watch the video.

New Farm 2014

This time though, we simply went to New Farm for a Sunday afternoon stroll. The place was buzzing as much as always, even though the rain clouds were gathering. What I couldn’t stop thinking about though as I admired the scenery around me were the words, recently spoken, by a ‘philosopher’…

First of all its central Brisbane, it’s, er, you know, on the waterfront and that part of Brisbane has been taken over by property developers who have been allowed to run riot for the sake of money.

You can read the full story behind that in my post called Brisbane; Worlds Ugliest City: a Philosopher’s View, but here, I just want to show you some pictures.

Pictures taken yesterday from New Farm, which, remember, is 3.4 kilometres and just 7 minutes drive (in current traffic) from the very centre of Brisbane.

Witness for yourselves developers running riot for money… er… on the waterfront…

New Farm  (6) New Farm  (5) New Farm  (4) New Farm  (3) New Farm  (2) New Farm  (1)

Of course, developers went absolutely wild when they greedily created this park…er… on the waterfront…

Park (4) Park (3) Park (2) Park (1)

Yes, greed, it’s totally destroyed this city. Mwahahaha!

And finally, what do you do if you can’t afford a bike?

No Bike
Visa Assessment Service
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  • djmcbell April 28, 2014, 9:33 pm |

    Those evil developers, spoiling this place of natural beauty and not caring about the common folk! At this rate people in Brisbane will be confined to their homes, not seeing the sun for the huge skyline they’re so obviously and blatantly building for their millionnaire friends.

    Okay, there’s a small tent that’s appeared in the second-to-last photo. The people should tear it down – a blight on the landscape.

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