Australian National Holidays: It’s Been a Short Week

Yes, it’s been a very short week here in Australia, in fact, a short fortnight. Last week we had Friday off for Easter, and of course this Monday as well. Today is another holiday, because today is Anzac Day.

You should already know plenty about Anzac Day:

In a few of the above posts I have included videos of dawn services from different locations around Australia. This year there was only one choice, Canberra. They had a couple of special guests turn up in the darkness of dawn, apparently unexpected.

Now, there was a rather grainy video on YouTube clearly showing the couple turning up very early in the morning for the dawn service, but, alas, it has now been taken down. I then found a second video, but that was removed from YouTube as well. I get the impression that any further videos of this young couple at the dawn service will also be removed. So I’ll just have to tell you who the famous couple were, but this time with a different video.

This one an official “Royal Family Channel” video…

They have now left Australia to return home, and I am going to return to my one-day public holiday and enjoy the freedom that others sacrificed so much for and of which I am always eternally grateful.

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