Cyclone Ita, Queensland: What’s the Damage?

Fishermen eh, what are they like?

I’ll get to that in a minute.

If you read Friday’s post called Cyclone Ita Heading for Cooktown, FNQ you would have heard about a cyclone called Ita which was heading for Cooktown in Far North Queensland. Yes, the title kind of nailed it.

So, what happened?

Cyclone Ita Damage

The path of Tropical Cyclone Ita so far…

Cyclone ItaSource: Bureau of Meteorology

Well, we had a really damp, dull, grey and dreary Sunday here in Brisbane but we were the lucky ones. Further north along the coast of Queensland the cyclone took its toll as it terrorised several towns stretching some 1000 kilometres from Cooktown to Mackay.

The cyclone itself has now drifted out to sea again so the danger is over with no reported fatalities, which is fantastic. The damage caused though has been estimated to be around $1 billion.

50 houses have been affected in Cooktown, at least five will be written off. Ingham is flooded, trees were uprooted in Townsville and the popular tourist destinations of The Whitsundays and Airlie Beach were hit by gale force winds.

All in all though, everyone agrees that Far North Queensland got off lightly. I heard a couple of fishermen got into big trouble whilst out on their boats; out on their boats?

A tropical cyclone category 5 is about to hit town and they are out on their boats?

Fishermen, what are they like eh?

Sadly, a pub was destroyed. As the (I think) pub owner said though, “We could hear the glass going one by one and…… so I just opened another stubby.

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