So, What’s With the Long Trousers?

Yesterday I told you I had occasion to wear long trousers on Saturday night. So, what was I up to? Well, this…..

What’s up? Not clear enough? Let me explain.

Me and a few of the boys (6 in all) decided to go into the city to watch the FA Cup final. We went to a typically English pub called “The Pig and Whistle” and it was packed to the rafters. Now I’ve explained it, I am sure you can see the outline of the giant TV, captured beautifully with my Samsung mobile phones’ photo technology. You may even possibly detect the presence of a baying crowd.

But I have to tell you, despite the huge volumes of beer consumed, the massive crowds and the importance (to some people) of the occasion, not a word was spoken in anger. The atmosphere was tremendous and everyone had a terrific time.

Even munching on a kebab at 3 o’clock in the morning amongst the drunks from all over the city couldn’t muster any aggression from anyone. Can it really be like this here? Well, no. People get drunk and fight here, I have heard, but they just don’t make it compulsory.

How refreshing.

I arrived home at around twenty five to four in the morning something like $120 poorer than when I went out. But my face was still intact.

Talking about T. V.

It can only have been about 10 days ago that I completed my small trilogy about television in Australia and mentioned that they had no Jonathan Ross here. Last night, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Wossy was on! It’s been at least 18 months since I’ve seen his show and there it was, all of a sudden, premiering at 10.30 pm on Channel 7. Guests, Sly Stallone and Tom Hanks.

Coincidence, or are the TV moguls reading my blog?

As pleased as I am about this, I must tell you something about Channel 7. It is the only terrestrial channel that does not transmit via Foxtel’s digital satellite system. This is actually a bit of a pain because Channel 7 almost certainly has the best TV programmes of all the free channels.

As well as Ross, they also have Heroes, Desperate Housewives, 24, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Bones, Brothers and Sisters, 30 Rock, Scrubs and the Nations favourite, Kath and Kim. OK, it may not seem a great line up, but you should see the other channels!

The thing is, if you get Foxtel’s IQ box (kerching another $10 a month – but worth every penny) you can set it up easily to automatically record this stuff. One click – done! But with Channel 7 not being on digital, then you need to either watch it live (too many adverts, way too many) or recorded it on video or DVD.

But of course, your old video or DVD does not work here, remember? So you are going to have to go out and buy a video recorder (VHS – are you kidding? that’s so 2004) or a DVD recorder. (kerching again! – this time $200).

But hey! Don’t panic. Foxtel and 7 have now made up, come to an agreement and as soon as the new Optus D satellite is up, 7 will appear. Phew.

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  • Chris July 5, 2010, 9:24 pm |

    Hi Bob, im not suprised you came home from the pig n whistle $120 lighter, when my son and I were over last November we were having a day out in the city and decicded to have a beer there, nice place, nice surroundings but a bit pricey, maybe it was because it was a British lager we ordered.
    Then again come to think of it beer in general was a lot more expensive than i expected even in the bottle shops.
    I may start brewing my own when i eventualy arrive for good!

    • BobinOz July 7, 2010, 7:07 pm |

      Hi Chris

      Yes, drinking out in the city is pretty expensive, it’s no wonder I only go a few times a year. It’s a bit cheaper down at my local, that’s where I’m going tonight to watch State of Origin.

      When you get out here, get in touch, I’ll give you some brewing tips. I’ve built a micro brewery in my garage.



  • BobinOz February 2, 2010, 7:14 pm |

    I know what you mean about the adverts. My wife likes “Desperate Housewives” (is she trying to tell me something?) which is on Channel 7 and the adverts go on for ever! You could never watch it when it’s actually on, it is best recorded so that you can whizz through all those adbreaks.

    And I have also noticed shows disappearing all of a sudden. The other week they had “The Diary of Anne Frank Part One” And I looked everywhere for part two, didn’t seem to happen. Crazy!

  • David February 2, 2010, 12:56 pm |

    We bought ourselves a digibox for free-to-air digital – we hardly ever watch 7,9 or 10 (so many adverts), and far too many American series that all start to look the same… especially with their habit of showing a few shows, then taking them off air randomly, sometimes never to return.
    We prefer ABC, ABC2 and SBS, lots of UK TV (skins, Torchwood, grand designs, River cottage), and some good quality Australian programming (in very short supply, but Hollow men, rockwiz and plenty of quirky documentaries.)

    As for recording – we bought a VHS video recorder from cash converters for $35 2 years ago, and it’s been great.

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