Best Beaches in Australia and the World 2014

A few days ago, trip advisor, a rather popular travel website, revealed its ‘Travellers’ Choice’ awards for beaches. They have quite a few lists for various geographical locations; I’m just going to have a look at two of them. First…

The world

In the world list, this beach came fifth…

Whitehaven_BeachMy thanks to Damien Dempsey from Melbourne, Australia for the stunning photograph.

The photo is of Whitehaven Beach which is on Whitsunday Islands. You will find those off the coast of Queensland just above Mackay which is about 1000 kilometres north of Brisbane.

All in, three Australian beaches made it into the best 25 in the world, the other two were Turquoise Bay in Exmouth at number 20 and Cable Beach, near Broome in 22nd position. Both are in Western Australia.

The big surprise for many around here was the absence of Bondi Beach not only from the world’s top 25, but also from Australia’s top 10 list. The big surprise for me was that ninth in the world list was a beach in Wales!

Yes, I mean Wales, the one in the United Kingdom, not New South Wales in Australia.

Rhossili Bay, Swansea, in Wales came ninth in that world list and in all the time I lived in the UK I never knew, never even heard of the place.

That, of course, is my loss.

Rhossili Bay…

Rhossili BayMy thanks to Colin Smith for that photograph.


Australia’s top 10 beaches, according to these ‘Travellers’ Choice’ awards, were:

  1. Whitehaven Beach (Whitsunday Islands, QLD)
  2. Turquoise Bay (Exmouth, WA)
  3. Cable Beach (Broome, WA)
  4. Shelly Beach (Sydney, NSW)
  5. Burleigh Heads Beach, (Burleigh Heads, QLD)
  6. Four Mile Beach (Port Douglas, QLD)
  7. Manly Beach (Sydney, NSW)
  8. Cottesloe Beach (Perth, WA)
  9. Noosa Main Beach (Noosa, QLD)
  10. Coolangatta Beach (Coolangatta, QLD)

If you want to see some stunning pictures of each and every one of those beaches, visit tripadvisor.

Of course, it’s just the opinion of their readers, not everyone shares the same view. Here is a wonderful video with some great narration, honest, about Australia’s best beaches…

Yes, truly wonderful. And it’s great to hear Bondi Beach got a mention in that one, but you’ve never seen Bondi like this before. Yes, this really happened…

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