The Universal Law of Doctors

What are the odds on that?

Last week, you may recall, I smashed my video camera and I smashed my elbow during the heavy rainfall . Well, the elbow was bad and so was the camera. The camera repair shop telephoned me today to confirm that it has indeed taken its last movie. So this weekend I need to go shopping for a new video camera, otherwise there will be no more YouTube videos around here.

And last Friday I went to see my doctor about my elbow. That’s when I discovered the universal law of doctors…..

Writing is just not their thing is it?

As for the elbow, readers with excellent memories will remember that my only other visit ever to my Australian doctor was so he could fix my purple elbow. So in just over 18 months here in Australia I have only been to the doctors twice (not bad considering my Australian medical scare) and both were about my left elbow.

What are the odds on that? Thousands to one I would have thought.

And my doctor not being able to write too clearly. What are the odds on that? Even money I’d say. It’s the universal law of doctors.

That said, I will say my second visit to my doctor was again a very pleasant experience. I waited for about 30 minutes for my turn, although there were only two people in front of me. That’s because when he sees you, it is in no way rushed as it used to be in England. I’m sure I was in for at least 15 or 20 minutes myself. I can only guess that doctors here are not under the same enormous pressures as they are with the UK National Health Service.

Now, I need to go shopping for cameras.

A Quick Australian TV Update

I have pretty much covered what’s on Australian TV in previous posts, but I thought it might be useful to any of you actually coming here to have this additional information. It depends where you look, but many people will advise you that your English TV will not work here in Australia.

And guess what? It won’t. But…….

Buy a digital set top box, prices start at around $50, and it will. I am no TV repair man, but I am pretty sure the only reason an English TV would not work here is because the tuner is set at a different frequency. But by plugging a digital set-top box into the auxiliary input of your TV you have effectively replaced the tuner. Worked for me.

As for your video or DVD recorder though, you may be best off donating it to someone who needs it. You would be able to play stuff (useful for the kids bedroom) but you won’t be able to record. So it would do more in England than here.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that all TV sets, video recorders and DVD equipment are different and I am only BobinOz. What do I know?

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