A Brisbane Bearded Dragon versus a Psychotic Burmese Cat

It’s been quite some time since I last reported an intruder into my Australian home. We certainly had one on Saturday and even though we had more than 20 children around for Elizabeth’s 10th birthday party, unfortunately Remy the psychotic cat was the first to greet our guest.

It was brought to my attention when a small crowd of 10-year-old girls surrounded me shouting “The cat’s got a lizard in his mouth! They’re underneath the trampoline!

In truth, I was expecting maybe a small gecko, 2 to 3 inches or about 5-7 cm as they like to call it these days. But I was wrong. This was no tiny gecko, our cat was terrorising a Bearded Dragon of some kind…

dragon closeBy the looks of it, this particular species appears to be a Common Bearded Dragon or to give it its scientific name, Pogona barbata.

I have only ever seen one Bearded Dragon around my house before and it turns out that sighting was the subject of my first ever post about Intruders Into My Australian Home way back in March 2009.

We didn’t have cats then, so what happened this time?

Bearded Dragon rescue

When I arrived at the scene, the Bearded Dragon was no longer in our cat’s mouth; there was some kind of stand off going on. The cat was looking at the dragon; the dragon was looking at the cat. Neither of them looked very happy.

Now I was staring at the pair of them and I asked one of the girls at the party to go and fetch my trusty broom, the one I used when there was a snake in my house. I wanted to save the Bearded Dragon, but I wasn’t going to crawl underneath the trampoline.

When the broom arrived I put it between the two and they both ran in opposite directions allowing me to catch the Bearded Dragon in a plastic box.

You’ll be pleased to hear that the Bearded Dragon appeared completely unharmed when I released him in the park over the road. The cat though, well, he didn’t get off scot free as you will see in this short video.

Have you ever seen a Bearded Dragon run? Well you are about to, always makes me laugh…

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  • vicki April 18, 2015, 2:57 pm |

    my boy is about 9 weeks old, he was eating crickets fine till I got mealworms, he didn’t like them.
    a few weeks ago he was bitten/tried to eat a spider, he was paralysed from back legs and having seizures. I bathed him in warm water several times a day and he recovered.
    he then had a shed, and now he wont even eat the crickets he used to search for, all he eats now are the greens I put in his mouth, if I didn’t do that he wouldn’t be eating anything.

    please help


    • BobinOz April 19, 2015, 12:43 am |

      Have you tried dipping the crickets in tomato ketchup and maybe adding a little salt? Just kidding, of course, I’m not a vet, so I really don’t know know.

      That said, I have looked after a couple of pet bearded dragons and I have noticed they do often go off their food when kept in a cage. I don’t know where you keep yours, but if you let him have a bit of a run, maybe he will get his appetite back.

      I’d be surprised if it’s anything to do with the spider bite, not after 3 weeks, but you would need to talk to a vet about that.

      Good luck, hope he makes a full recovery.

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