Autumn in High Country, Victoria, Australia

It crossed my mind a few days ago that our evenings have started to get a bit cooler and then, all of a sudden, I realised…

It’s autumn!

And as at the first of this month, indeed it was autumn.


When I left England in November 2007, it was also autumn, here’s a very young Elizabeth and Mrs Bob walking through the park amongst the autumn leaves…

autumnHere in Brisbane though, it’s very difficult to notice when summer ends and autumn begins. I would even argue that here in Brisbane we don’t really get an “autumn’, but if we did get one, we probably don’t get it until winter.


That’s on account of that here in Brisbane, in my opinion, we really don’t get a proper winter at all. But calling our ‘winter’ autumn even though it is technically in winter time makes proper sense to me.

Don’t you agree?

Anyway, today the autumn temperature in Brisbane was around 29°C, hot but perfectly manageable. By and large, autumns here are when we get what I call our ‘Californian weather’; hot, dry, sunny and with temperatures around 25°C plus or minus 3 or 4.

But not everywhere in Australia is Brisbane or even Queensland, and here’s an example of one place in Australia that definitely isn’t Queensland.

It’s called Victoria.


And I have been lucky enough to find a video made by Ozpix called Alpine Autumn – Australia which was shot in Victoria.

This film shows you what autumn is like around the Victorian High Country and in particular Mount Beauty, Harriettville, Wandilligong, Myrtleford and Bright. They are all something like about 50 kilometres from Wangaratta and maybe a 100 from Shepparton, a town we drove through as we headed back to Brisbane after our Australian road trip. It’s where we saw these…

Painted cowsYes, painted cows.

Enough chatter, here’s the video and it’s well worth a watch. This is Alpine Autumn

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