Where and When Exactly Is Bushfire Season in Australia?

This emergency is the worst Victoria has faced since 2009.”

Almost exactly 5 years ago I wrote about that emergency in my post Australia’s Tragic Weekend. Unfortunately, this weekend many people in Melbourne and the surrounding areas of Victoria have found themselves fighting bushfires again.

Three weeks ago Adelaide battled bushfires and Perth was sweltering in The Australian Heatwave Summer 2014. A month ago my favourite local beauty spot, Stradbroke Island, which is just an hour off the east coast of Brisbane, was ablaze.

Perth got the real brunt of that weekend’s heatwave though, as I explained in my post A Blazing Hot Australian Summer and More Bushfires. 49 houses were lost to fires at that time and houses are now being lost in and around Melbourne.

Bushfire season

You could be tempted to say we are in the middle of bushfire season here in Australia, but when is that season? The Bushfires in Sydney, New South Wales started as early as October this year.

So, October to February? Is that bushfire season? Long season, isn’t it?

Last year, in January, it was Hobart and the surrounding area that suffered the worst of that years bushfires, losing more than 130 homes when something like 40,000 hectares of land was destroyed.

Hobart, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney; all have been affected by bushfires in the last year or so during the long bushfire season, so is nowhere safe?

That was a question I asked myself after the Hobart tragedy I’ve just mentioned and it prompted me to write a post about the risks of bushfires here in Australia…

For those at risk right now, let’s hope those fires are brought under control as soon as possible and that everyone stays safe.

You can get updates on the Victorian bushfires direct from this page on the Herald Sun.

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