A Holiday in Australia: We Are Plane Hopping Again

This is another one of my “I’m not here” posts. By that I mean I’m not in Brisbane, I’m still here though, as in on the planet and still in Australia. I’m just not at home; this post has gone live by the magic of scheduling whilst we enjoy our second one-week summer holiday. Me, Mrs Bob and Elizabeth have gone plane hopping again.

So far we’ve plane hopped to:

So where have we plane hopped to this time? Here are some clues, first, a picture…


You already know it’s hot here in Australia, I mentioned it on Friday in my post The Australian Heatwave Summer 2014. Here are some quotes about where we are right now taken from last weeks news, with references to the location removed, of course:

… is braced for storms tonight before searing 44C heat tomorrow…

The weather bureau this afternoon issued a severe thunderstorm warning…

Heat exhaustion struck 62 people ….between midnight and 4pm today after 83 people were affected yesterday.”

Even scarier…

Out-of-control fires threaten the states towns...”

Here is a big clue if you know your sport…

At the Australian Open a player hallucinated that he saw Snoopy on court before he fainted mid-match.”

Who would’ve thought, Snoopy at The Open?

So, we’ve established that the place is hot, very hot. But it’s not always like that and if you looked at my page about the city, you’ll see in the comments that most people complain about its cold weather or ever-changing weather. Here’s an example…

…the weather IS shocking, summer and there was already so many 15 degree days in the middle of the day than I like to count, spring was just as cold as winter, might as well call it 9 – 10 months of winter and 2 months of hell random weather from 15 degrees to 44 odd.”

I’m sure you all know which city I am talking about now, don’t you?

The most reassuring quote I saw from Friday of last week was Terry Ryan from the Bureau of Meteorology who said the temperature would drop almost instantly from about 40C to 25C in Melbourne between 8pm and 9pm.

Gosh, a weatherman that is not only predicting the weather, but the exact time of day it will occur. Impressive!

So where are we going on holiday?

This is possibly the first time in my life where I am hoping my holiday destinations temperature cools down before I get there.

Where am I going? Of course, it’s Melbourne. Here’s what they were saying in the news a couple of weeks ago about the heatwave about engulf the city and many parts of Australia…

And as it got hotter…


I’ll let you know what I thought of Melbourne when I get back, but I think I’ll take a winter coat just in case the weather changes.

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