The Australian Heatwave Summer 2014

Australia is a hot country, we know that. But even by Australian standards, right now, this place is hot, very hot.

Australia is having a heatwave.

Everybody seems to be getting a turn, it was only two weeks ago I wrote my post What’s Wrong With Brisbane? If you read that one you will have seen that temperatures here soared to, officially, 43°C. Where I live my thermometer suggested it may well have been 46°C.

Very, very, very hot.

This heat is spreading, here’s a news report from Adelaide…

Whoever heard of Oodnadatta? Not me, but apparently it’s in outback South Australia. It’s hot there at the moment. Here’s some more Australian heatwave news from Oodnadatta and elsewhere around the country…

Other Australian cities are suffering from this heatwave as well, but I’ll tell you more about that on Monday. Right now, I’ve got to find my hat and sunnies.

hat n sunnies
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  • Patricia Evans August 15, 2014, 10:16 pm |

    My Canadian spouse & I are returning to my native Brisbane later this year. Your comments about how “nervewracking” the whole process is made me feel a LITTLE less anxious, but this year has been one trauma after another. Putting the house up for sale, arranging to sell all our stuff except memorabilia, paying through the nose for his immigration process, police checks, medical checks, when we can book our flight ad infinitum……..

    The heat is one of the things that disturbs me about returning to Brisbane, but because we have a house to live there which my mother owns (but lives elsewhere) & his business is not bringing in enough to stay in our present house in Ottawa, Canada, we have no other choice if we want to live rent/mortgage free.

    Reading your column has helped me go through this awful process & accepting returning to a place I wasn’t that sad to leave in the first place.

    • BobinOz August 17, 2014, 10:06 pm |

      Well, I’m glad my website has helped and I do hope your second stint in Brisbane is a better experience, hopefully the place has changed a good deal since you were last here. I hope you also get used to the heat, personally I love it. I wouldn’t want to go back to cold and damp again.

      Good luck, Bob

  • Sylvia Gribble January 28, 2014, 6:32 am |

    Is it poss. To find out if friends emigrated about 1968 returned,have lost touch? They left the UK a small family followed a bigger family.

    • BobinOz January 28, 2014, 5:27 pm |

      Leave it with me Sylvia, I’ll have a look.

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