Fishing at Cahills Crossing in Kakadu, Northern Territory

In July of this year I was in Darwin; what do you do when you are in Darwin?

You go crocodile hunting!

Not with spears, or guns or anything like that, but just to see one. After all, how many people get to see a real live crocodile living naturally so close to the human population?

The thing is though, they’re not really all that easy to find, not normally.


Cahills Croc 1This image was sent to me the other day by one of my regular readers, Johnno. Johnno lives here in Australia and if he sees something of interest he will often send me an email and that’s how I got the above photo.

Now, surely a rather large crocodile blocking the road is interesting enough in itself, but there was something even more intriguing about this photograph to me. Because when I went crocodile hunting in Darwin, I made a video of it.

You can see that video on my post called Crocodile Hunting in Darwin, Northern Territory.

If you did just flick over to that post and watch the video, you probably also know what was intriguing. If you didn’t go and watch the video, you still can, we’ll wait here.

Done it yet? No? Not going to?

Okay, no worries, I’ll explain what is so intriguing here.

50 seconds into the video we find ourselves at somewhere I affectionately referred to as “this place”. Here’s a photo of this place…

Cahills CrossingAnd another one…

Cahills Crossing 1Here’s another one, this one has a fisherman in it…

Cahills Crossing 2At this point I was kind of thinking “I’d be fishing somewhere else if I were him“, but at least he was looking directly at the water and would therefore have some kind of chance to notice if a hungry crocodile was about to creep up upon him.

But then when another car approaches, the fisherman does this…

Cahills Crossing 3And I thought “Oh my word, he’s turned his back, what if there was a big hungry crocodile in the area right now?

Well, there wasn’t, and the fisherman survived.

The other day there was though, and he was blocking the road. I’m sure you have all realised by now that all these photographs are from the same place; it’s called Cahills Crossing and it is in Kakadu, Northern Territory.

This, by the way, is the view from the other side of the river and, for me anyway, absolute proof that it’s the same place where I took my photographs.

When I took those pictures I was leaning against the exact same fence that you see above the rocks on the left-hand side of this image…

Cahills croc 2Interestingly, the crocodile was ‘fishing’ as well; he was munching on the passing barramundi. I bet he caught more than the fishermen did when he was there, but I’m sure that fisherman was happy with the way his day went.

What an excuse!

I wonder if anybody on that day, in NT, had to say the words “Sorry I’m late for work, there was a crocodile blocking the road.

My thanks again to Johnno for sending me the photo; to NT News who originally posted the story; The Telegraph for the second picture; and my mum and dad without whom none of this would have been possible.
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  • John V December 23, 2013, 8:52 am |

    Hi Bob, the latests entry at Cahills crossing…
    Crocodile breakfast opportunity missed.
    How this compares with the Azaria Chamberlain case has been avoided but if anything had happened the cry of “A crocodile took my baby” would definitely be suspect dont you reckon?

    • BobinOz December 23, 2013, 2:33 pm |

      I have never answered a comment on this website before with ‘OMG!’ But…


      I’m also tempted to say “What were they thinking?” – but I’ve long realised that sometimes there is little point in trying to work out what some people think.

      Thanks for posting the link to this story John even if it is the pinnacle of madness.

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