Storm Season: Wild Weather Arrives in Australia

Australia isn’t the only country to get wild weather, we’ve had plenty of examples recently of that. In just the last three weeks we’ve had storms lash Britain, the devastating Typhoon strike in the Philippines and just this weekend tornadoes ripped through America’s Midwest.

Storm season, you won’t be surprised to hear, has now turned up in Australia. Before we look at that, let’s just go back a few months or or so to…

Hot, sunny and clear blue skies

29cThis year, for us in Brisbane, hot and sunny with clear blue skies started around August 12; temperatures on that day broke 30° C and it’s had been like that ever since.

Scorchio as I call it. Drought as it is known in other parts, like the Outback. Many places here in Australia have been through long dry spells without rain for many months, in some places, years.

About four weeks ago Bushfires in Sydney were raging out of control and it was only a couple of months ago that people in Charleville met up to pray for rain.

Storm season has arrived: here is the news

On Saturday evening we sat down to watch 7 News and with the wonder that is known as YouTube, you can sit down and watch it too. Come on, there’s room on my settee.

Update: February 2014

It appears that what YouTube give us, YouTube also taketh away. What I did have here on the original post were four videos that showed examples of Australia’s weird weather across the country.

  • We had hailstones the size of cricket balls in the Sunshine Coast.
  • We had more hailstones in Hervey Bay smashing up cars.
  • We had a water spout in Moreton Bay off the east coast of Brisbane.
  • And in Sydney, we had flash flooding and heavy rainfall.

All since removed by YouTube.

Today though, I can offer you:

Evidence of that hail on the Sunshine Coast…

A glimpse of the rain in Sydney…

Unfortunately, the video I originally posted about this has since been removed from YouTube. So instead, here is a timelapse view from the radar…

But as far as YouTube is concerned, the water spout at Moreton Bay never happened and the destruction caused by hailstones in Hervey Bay in November 2013 no longer exists.

If anyone knows of anyone videos that can help me out here, please do let me know.

Update: OK, looks like a waterspout video has emerged…

The Outback

As for the drought in the Outback, let’s take a quick look at the six towns that I did mention in the above linked article. Here’s how much rainfall, in millimetres, each has had so far for this month of November:

  • Charleville – 1.6mm
  • Longreach – 5.4mm
  • Birdsville – 0
  • Winton – 2.0mm
  • Boulia – 0
  • Kynuna – 1.6mm

Hardly enough to make a cup of tea, but there is hope. Storm season is here.

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