The Scottish in Australia: A Gecko Encounter

Having written a post last week called The Irish in Australia: For Queensland and Country I feel it’s my duty as a former resident of the land they call Great Britain to write a similar post for the other countries that form the place known as the United Kingdom.

Of course, the Republic of Ireland is a completely separate country and forms no part of the United Kingdom although it is part of the British Isles without being in Great Britain. Northern Ireland though is in Ireland, not Great Britain, but is part of the UK.

Great, that’s that sorted.

Rest assured though, the rivalry between the four countries that make up the UK is every bit as strong if not stronger than the interstate rivalry we have here in Australia.

Anyway, this week, it’s the turn of…

The Scottish in Australia

Representing Scotland in Australia I am thrilled to bring you the thoughts of one Danny Bhoy who, when visiting Australia, didn’t much like the geckos.


I’ve written about geckos a few times before, the first time in a post called Australia’s NOT Bad Things.

As I said in that post, I think geckos are quite cute, so I’m not bothered when they are in our house. I’ve never really considered them as frightening in any way, so it is interesting to hear what Danny thought when he first came across one.

That said, I’ve written about the geckos since and in not so glowing terms. The problem with these little creatures is that they can get into the tiniest little spaces, and in my house they did that twice and both times it was quite expensive.

You’ll find out why I now dislike them in my post Asian House Geckos: An Australian Bad Things Upgrade.

Time for…

A Scotsman’s view of Australia

I have not come across too many people here who came from Scotland, but I know they are about. On my road trip I went through a town called MacLean, that’s a town that appears to have been taken over by the Scottish. One of the guys I play football with is Scottish, so without doubt the Scottish are in Australia.

I went to Wikipedia’s Scottish Australian page to get some firm numbers, they say “According to the 2011 Australian census 130,204 Australian residents were born in Scotland, while 1,792,600 claimed Scottish ancestry, either alone or in combination with another ancestry. This is the fourth most commonly nominated ancestry and represents over 8.9% of the total population of Australia.”

Yes, the Scottish certainly are here.

Danny Bhoy was clearly here at some time and I have set this video to begin at exactly the point where he starts talking about Australia and his encounter with a gecko. Just to get you up to speed, Danny started by complaining how hotel bedsheets always seem to be tucked in way to tightly making it almost impossible to move around once in bed.

Over to Danny…

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