Any Old Iron! Any Old Iron!

The other week when I was talking rubbish, I said at the time I would talk more rubbish on this blog. That’s what I want to do today.

As you may recall, I explained the difficulty of getting rid of rubbish that did not fit easily into the supplied rubbish bins. I also mentioned elsewhere on this blog but I had quite a bit of refurbishment to do when we moved into our house here. As I’m sure you will know, refurbishing produces piles and piles of rubbish.

Lots of this rubbish can be carefully dismantled (or smashed to smithereens with a hammer) and placed inside the bins. But a good deal of it can’t. Try fitting an old cooker into a 2 foot square hole. Or a defunct air-conditioning unit. They don’t dismantle easily, they don’t smash easily and they don’t fit.

Imagine my delight when I heard the familiar sound, “DING! DING! DING!”

Great! They have them here too. I couldn’t actually hear anyone shouting “Any old iron!” but I know some of them just don’t bother. I heard it several times and ran to the end of my drive, checking out the streets and looking for an open backed van piled high with twisted bikes and washed up washing machines.

I could never see exactly where he was. Seemed like he was always going down a side street near to me. I kept hearing the bell and never seeing the van.

Until the other day…….
DANG! Why don’t they play that irritating music like they do everywhere else in the world?

But where I live, Brisbane, the council does operate a kerbside cleanup service. But don’t hold your breath. We get one collection a year. This year they will collect green waste, nothing more than 1 m long and your total must not exceed two cubic metres.

Next year, it will be general waste with the same rules applying. Then, in June 2011 I will be able to put another two cubic metres of green waste out.

I mean, that’s rubbish isn’t it? It’s enough to drive you to the beach!

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