Brisbane Winters versus London Summers Revisited

Was it really just over three weeks ago that I was whingeing about the cold weather here? Yes, on 17 July I wrote my traditional post comparing temperatures in the middle of Brisbane’s winter with London’s summer, and London thrashed us.

As I said at the time, London had romped home with a winning distance of around 10°C.

That’s not all they were thrashing us at though; the Ashes weren’t going too well for Australia either. What a difference a few weeks makes.

As I understand it, the Aussies are fighting back in the cricket and here in Brisbane the temperature was rising fast!

My weekend

Friday night

If you remember, whilst my daughter was playing netball the other weekend, I was doing jobs around the house including dusting down the outdoor room and fixing up the sound system. On Friday evening I got to use it for the first time since winter. A bunch of friends came round, 10 adults in all and a small crowd of kids, and we sipped wine and beer until midnight (not the kids, they had soft drinks).

It wasn’t really quite warm enough to sit outside, but anyone who has studied the photograph of my outdoor room….

The Outdoor Room…will have noticed that we have a chiminea, and that helped out.


By Sunday though, the weather had really changed, just like someone had switched a switch on a switching thing. We took off to a park in a place called Mt Cotton to celebrate our friend Stacey’s birthday and also to have a barbecue.

The park was pretty decent, I have to say. When we arrived, this chap was standing by the entrance waiting to greet us…

PelicanBeyond him was a massive park with plenty to do, maybe you can make out the play area and the built-in barbecues in the distance?

Mt Cotton viewHere’s a closer view…

Mt Cotton closerYes, play area to the left and barbecue equipment to the right.

It was a huge park…

Mt Cotton huge parkIt had lots of pathways the kids could explore on their scooters…

Mt Cotton 023

Mt Cotton 025And the more time they spent on their scooters, the faster they got..

Mt Cotton pathThe park also had ponds…

Mt Cotton pondNetball, Elizabeth loved that…

Mt Cotton netballA lake (with ducks)…

Mt Cotton LakeA cycling ride that the kids just loved…

Mt Cotton rideA skate park…

Mt Cotton skate park…yes, it had just about everything except, as far as I can see, a mountain. Mt Cotton appeared to me as though it was as flat as a pancake, but I’m told there’s a mountain there somewhere, I just didn’t see it.

Oh, and the temperature? Around 29° to 30°! Yes, it is still winter here.

It wasn’t long ago I was enjoying my “summer holiday in winter” when I went to Darwin. Six weeks later it seems the “summer holiday in winter” has arrived in Brisbane. Instead of travelling all the way to Darwin, all I really needed to do was wait!

You first saw this temperature gauge from my post The Australian Climate: El Nino and La Nina back in August 2009. This is how it looked today at around 3:30 PM, click on the image if you can’t quite read the temperature…

29cNot quite as high as the mercury in that post from back then, but then that was written on 24 August; it’s only the 12th today. It may still be winter here in Brisbane, technically, but I think as of this weekend we can declare winter is over for another year.

Anyway, I wonder how London’s temperatures are doing?

London 12.8.13Anyway, after we’d finished eating our barbecue a very nice man from the council turned up to scrub down the equipment so that it’s all fresh, clean, and free to use the next day.

Mt Cotton BBQWhich was nice.

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  • Leanne August 28, 2013, 4:59 am |

    Brill.. Enjoyed reading and looking at the photos!

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