Sport, More Sport and the Outdoor Life in Australia

On Friday I talked about the things that I really like about Brisbane, in particular the climate and that it is good for its outdoor recreational environment. I have also written a few posts about how Australians love their sports and do take them seriously.

This weekend the climate, the sport and the outdoor recreational elements all came together quite nicely. It was a weekend of virtually wall-to-wall outdoor sport.

So what did I do?

  • Watch the third test on an outdoor big-screen TV?
  • See the Warriors play the Sharks in the NRL?
  • Watch GWS beat Melbourne in the AFL match over at the Skoda Stadium?
  • Or did I stay local and go to the horseracing at Doomben, Queensland?

Or was it two days almost jampacked with netball games for my daughters local netball team?

Here is a photo to give you a clue:

netball (1)The truth is though that I didn’t do, watch or play any sports over the weekend, I stayed at home to do “jobs”. Yes, even here in Australia occasionally jobs need doing; doors need fixing, video and sound systems need to be set up in the outdoor room in preparation for summer, grass needs to be sprayed with weed treatment so that it looks like Wimbledon (as if) and annoying dripping taps need new washers.

All the playing was done by Elizabeth and the watching by Mrs Bobinoz.

On Saturday morning, as usual, my daughter’s netball game kicked off at around 10 AM, but it was Sunday that was reserved for the big netball event.

The Netball Carnival

My daughter Elizabeth, 9, and Mrs Bobinoz were up at an incredibly early 6:15 AM on Sunday morning to travel north of Brisbane to a suburb called Chermside to take part in the Brisbane Netball Association Carnival. Let’s have a look at some more photographs…

netball (2) netball (3) netball (4) netball (5) netball (6) netball (8) netball (9) netball (10)

netball (11)Elizabeth played in five games of netball throughout the day; the event started at 8 AM and went on to around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. The kids had a fantastic time and even when they were not playing netball, they were running around, playing and climbing trees.

Mrs Bobinoz was hugely impressed with the organisation that went into the event and with the numbers of people who turned up to support their teams throughout the whole day. People turned up with their camping chairs, tables, umbrellas and they set up gazebos all around the field. Each team had their own gazebo base.

Everybody brought along a tray of food, fruit and treats for nibbles during the day and there were sausage sizzles, hotdogs, burgers and coffees available for those who wanted to buy them. This entire event was privately run; it’s nothing to do with the school or the school team.

It’s a great way for kids to mingle with other kids the same age as themselves, but from different schools in different suburbs. When Elizabeth plays netball on Saturday mornings it is in a suburb called Graceville and everyone knows each other, there’s a great community spirit. That community spirit was alive and well at Chermside, except the community was much bigger.

So, as you can see, sport and the outdoor life combined very well to make for a great day. And the weather? I don’t love the climate here in Brisbane for nothing, it’s still winter here yet the mercury hit 25°C during the day and the sky, well, you can see for yourself from the above pictures.

If I were to have a “spot the cloud” competition, I’m pretty confident I wouldn’t get any entries at all.

Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the day, even the dog…

The dog… and I got all of my jobs done.

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  • Becci August 5, 2013, 9:20 pm |

    This is proof enough for me why we love Australia …. However our Sunday comprised of walking up a big hill Tomaree Head fantastic views when you reach the top if ever you visit our neck of the woods this is one walk you must do 🙂 then back down at the bottom we had an hour on Zenith beach I can now officially say I love Sundays 🙂

    • BobinOz August 6, 2013, 12:49 pm |

      I have driven past your way once Becci; Newcastle, Swansea, Budgewoi and Lakes Entrance, lovely part of the world, but I didn’t climb up that big hill though.

      Next time 🙂

      You can’t put a price on the lifestyle the great outdoors gives you here, I’m not exaggerating when I say I think it’s life changing.

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