England versus Australia: Are the Brits on a Roll?

I am not a cricket man, I could stare at a cricket scorecard for a week and probably still not be able to tell you who is winning. Let’s take the Ashes for example.

I just Googled “ashes cricket 2013 scoreboard” and, unsurprisingly, got to the scorecard of the 2013 Ashes.

There was a lot of information; I learnt that Australia were 296 all out, 110.5 ov, RR 2.67, their first innings was 280 (64.5) and I could also see that England got 215 in their first innings and 375 on their second.

But who is winning though?

Fortunately I was helped out by a headline on another page…

“James Anderson bowls England to thrilling victory”

So, from that, I think it’s fair for me to assume that England are winning. Are England on a bit of a roll?

Time for my annual post…

Winter in Brisbane vs Summer in London

This is the sixth contest between the two cities; I’ve been running this one for as long as I have been writing this blog.

In the past, it’s been a pretty close encounter and I did a recap just last year in my post Winter in Brisbane vs Summer in London.

If you hop over to that link, you will see that at the close of play the score stood at…

  • Brisbane 3 – London 2.

Each encounter had been a close run thing with there being never much more than a degree or two between the sides. Last year was a strange one for Brisbane, a week before the contest Brisbane was shivering in 14°C, a day before the contest we were enjoying 25°C.

15th of July 2013

So, a chance for Brisbane to extend its lead? No, not a hope.


London v Brisbane Weather

London v Brisbane Weather - 2London:

Although it says the 16th, that’s the date here in Australia, in London it would have been the 15th…

London v Brisbane Weather 3

Wow! It’s a thrashing!

London romps home with a winning distance of around 10°C, making it 3 – 3 overall so far. If I were still living there I’d certainly be saying “Phew! What a scorcher!” instead of whingeing about the cold here in Brisbane.

For those of you who think that 18° or 19°C is not cold, then you need to live here in Australia for a while. You’ll soon discover that scorchio is the new hot, hot is the new warm, warm is the new cold and cold involves scraping ice off of car windscreens and that just doesn’t happen here in Brisbane.


For five years I’ve enjoyed writing these posts and smiling at myself that our winters here in Brisbane are as good as summers in London. This year though, I’ve got egg on my face.

State of Origin 2013, on the other hand, is about to start. It’s finely poised at one each, tonight is the decider. Come on you Maroons, make it eight victories in a row, I’ve had enough egg for one week.

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  • Tim July 21, 2013, 4:15 pm |

    Haha! Yes the brits are seemingly on a roll! Even with the weather!

    You’re missing out on a lot of banter if you don’t understand cricket! My office has been great fun the last couple of weeks 🙂

    I’d be interested in your thoughts on this though: Even though I love it here and will never move back, there is NO WAY I would ever consider supporting Australia to beat England at anything sporting. Do you feel the same? Do you know anyone that doesn’t?

    • BobinOz July 22, 2013, 6:09 pm |

      And I think that fun you are having in the office is continuing, isn’t it? There is already (prematurely) talk of a possible 5-0 🙂

      As for supporting England, of course, you can’t switch sides just because you’ve moved country. England is our country of origin, it’s in our blood, I’m sure all Englishmen would support England against Australia and I certainly always will.

      Unless we lose 🙂

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