Crocodile Hunting in Darwin, Northern Territory

You cannot go to Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia without doing a bit of croc hunting, can you? Let’s face it, it would be insane to go all that way and not want to see a crocodile in the wild.

We’ve all seen them in zoos…

The Late Steve Irwin Playing With a Croc

…but we want to see them in their natural habitat and Darwin is the place to do it.

I have to say, I had this vision in my head that crocodiles would be everywhere in Darwin, so much so that it would be impossible not to see one. After all, in Darwin for every human there is also a crocodile. Humans and crocodiles; it’s one-on-one up that way.

I saw loads and loads of humans, so surely I would see lots and lots of crocs. In fact, I imagined they’d be on every street corner waiting to mug me, or, should I say, munch me.

I already knew quite a bit about crocodiles having written my posts Crocodiles in Australia: A Brief History and Australia, Salt Crocodiles and Death.

But during my time in Darwin, I found out some more quite interesting facts about crocodiles, like…

  • They have a heart with four chambers, so they can never bleed to death.
  • If a crocodile gets his arm or leg bitten off by another croc, he’ll just shut off that chamber, go somewhere quiet and secluded and simply wait for it to heal over.
  • Crocs can survive for up to 12 months without food!
  • It’s almost impossible for them to catch or get an infection even if they do graze their knee and then get a bit of dirt in it.
  • They never stop growing; as they get older they just keep on getting bigger.
  • When they snap those jaws that’s two and a half tons of pressure striking!

Let’s see what happened when I went crocodile hunting..

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  • adil adbulahi July 18, 2013, 3:20 pm |

    It is fantastic and amazing,I like the way you introduced.

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