Dreamtime Drive: Painting up a White Van for Charity

Its northern Australia week here on Bobinoz, because I’m in northern Australia. I’m in Northern Territory, but to be more precise, Darwin.

A couple of weeks ago, Jessica and Vanig were also in Darwin, but they are on the move.


Who are Jessica and Vanig? Well, they messaged me on Facebook back in April, here’s what they said…

We – Jessica and Vanig – are a young couple in our mid-20s composed by an Aussie girl from Brisbane and a Frenchie on a partner visa (btw thanks for all the infos on settling in Aus I got throughout the years as a regular reader of your blog) and we are contacting you because we have a great charity travel project involving aboriginal art and we would be very grateful if you could help us reach a wider audience:

We have partnered up with RED DUST, a charity specialised in promoting health in Indigenous Australian communities in remote areas.

We will be travelling around Australia in a white 4WD car that will get progressively painted on the way by Indigenous artists and school students in order to raise awareness and funds for RED DUST.

They wondered if I could post something on my wall, help spread the word. I thought I could better spread that word by writing a post about their adventures.

Well, not so much writing, but more of a pictorial feast following Jessica and Vanig’s adventures around Australia in a van that started off as white, but isn’t very white anymore.

First, their itinerary…

ItineraryAnd now, here are just a few of the stunning pictures they’ve taken during their trip…

1 White van 2 Door 3 Another door 4 camp fire 5 Night sky 6 Coast 7 Bonnet 8 Kakadu croc 9 Kakadu rock 10 Larapinta 11 And another door

12 Back on the roadAnd this is their Facebook page, why don’t you pop by and like them or something? Its well worth a visit, there are literally heaps of stunning photographs of Australia to enjoy.

Finally, if you want to read about their cause and maybe donate, visit the Dreamtime Drive fundraiser page and you can read even more about their adventures on the Dreamtime Drive blog.

I missed them when they were coming through Brisbane, which is a great shame. I paint a pretty mean stick man; maybe I could have done the roof.

stick man
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