Newcastle, New South Wales: Australia’s Fourth Most Liveable City

I think we know the drill by now, each Friday I am showcasing an Australian city based on the most recent poll by the Property Council of Australia looking at Australia’s best liveable cities.

Newcastle, as the title suggests, came fourth; a good showing for the city, this was the first year it has been included in the poll.


To us Brits, Newcastle conjures up images of Geordies wearing short-sleeved T-shirts during almost zero winter temperatures whilst passionately supporting the Magpies, that’s Newcastle United Football Club.

As you approach Newcastle coming from the south, you will pass the Angel of the North, just about 5 kilometres away from the city.

Angel of the NorthBut we are not talking about that Newcastle, we are talking about the Newcastle that is just about 100 kilometres or so north of Sydney.

Newcastle, NSW

What Newcastle residents like about Newcastle:

  • It’s affordable allowing for a good standard of living;
  • It has good roads and very little traffic congestion;
  • The weather.

Newcastle residents were not so keen on:

  • The city’s look and design;
  • Its maintenance, cleanliness and the pollution;
  • Employment and economic opportunities.

But what does YouTube say? I went in search and oh boy, what a treat!

First, let’s see Newcastle through the eyes of an advert created by some peeps from The University of Newcastle…

Now let’s hear rappers version of what Newcastle is like…

Love it!

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  • Grady September 8, 2013, 2:27 am |

    Does anyone know of any sites to look at homes in Newcastle for under 100,000 that aren’t completely broke down? Houses for 100,000 here are very nice… maybe I should say 200,000 to account for your higher wages (double our minimum wage!). Thanks 😀

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