Happy Birthday Ma’am and Thanks for the Day Off

Today I would have loved to have told you all about my Saturday night out. Me and a few of my friends took ourselves over to the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane to watch the British and Irish Lions take on the Queensland Reds in rugby union.

But, unfortunately, I can’t tell you about it because…

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II


birthday cake


A Day Off

I should be on the…

beach… Enjoying the sun, but the weather is …

weatherYes, miserable.

If I had been able to tell you about the rugby, I would have showed you a picture of the Lions converting a penalty kick…

kickAnd I would have also been discussing the kit of the two teams. The British and Irish Lions like to play in red and white. The Queensland Reds like to play in red and white.

Hmm. This was a tricky one.

Fortunately, some genius somewhere came up with a solution. The British and Irish Lions wore red shirts and white shorts. The Queensland Reds wore white shirts and red shorts.

Here’s a picture of how that looked in battle…

coloursYes, rather confusing.

But no more confusing than the Queen’s birthday, when it is, the day we celebrate it in here in Queensland and why it keeps changing as you will see if you read my post When is the Queen’s Birthday?

Happy birthday ma’am!

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