Far North Queensland: One Day in Paradise

Last week’s video, if you remember, was about Adelaide which was voted Australia’s most liveable city for the third year running. Some people though, wouldn’t live in any city if you paid them.

FNQFor some people, the remoteness of Far North Queensland (FNQ) is simply paradise. I’ve not been further north than Hervey Bay yet, but I will. So I’m one of those who is left wondering what it’s really like up that way.

The tip of Cape York Peninsula is Australia’s furthest point north, and that would be something like 2,500 kilometres from my house. It’s not that easy to get to; once you get to Cairns, which is still about 800 kilometres away, you pretty much run out of decent roads.

But FNQ does start at around Cairns and I was thankful to receive an email earlier in the week from somebody called Tracey. Tracey told me about a competition that was taking place on YouTube that involved filmmakers making a movie about the area with the theme…

1 Day in Paradise

Tracey wondered if I could bring this competition to the attention of my readers as every one of these 20 video filmmakers are looking for views and votes. I’ve just spent 40 minutes watching each of the two-minute films to whittle it down to my top three so that you can watch them here right now.

These three videos are in no particular order but they are, for me, my favourites and the first of the three just happens to be (on its own merit) the video Tracey has been involved with.

Tracey also told me that the filmmaker, Liam, invented the game being played in this video, throwing a ball into a bin. The game is actually called ‘Schmergenball’ and has been used on the CBS gameshow “Survivor” and became one of the show’s most popular challenges.

Anyway, here’s the video, jampacked with some great video effects…

Tropical Trick Shots by Liam Connor

This next video, for me, really captured what it must feel like and be like to live in Far North Queensland. More than any of the other videos, this one really made me wish, for a fleeting moment, that I actually lived up that way. Maybe one day…

True North by Matilda Brown

And finally, simply because it’s breathtaking…

Scuba Skydiving by Gulliver Page

There you go, FNQ, not that far away, thanks to YouTube.

You can watch all 20 videos on YouTube and don’t forget to vote.

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