Best City: a Celebration of Adelaide and Australia

Those of you who read my post on Wednesday will know that Adelaide topped a poll commissioned by a company called the Property Council of Australia. What was it for? Well, for the third year running Adelaide has been voted Australia’s most liveable city by Australians who live in Australia.

This particular survey has only been going three years, so it’s a clean sweep for Adelaide.

I know my website, this blog, and my life here pretty much centres around Brisbane, although I do get out and about as often as I can. When I do, I like to tell you about it, and these are just some of the places I have told you about…

There are more, including Adelaide, but that’s a long enough list for now. Because today is all about Adelaide, but first let’s remind ourselves of what is good about Adelaide and also what Australians generally think about Australian cities…

Here’s what the report said..

Adelaide, South Australia

What Adelaide residents like about Adelaide:

  • It’s affordable allowing for a good standard of living;
  • It has a good range of quality affordable housing;
  • It’s clean, well maintained and unpolluted.

Adelaide residents were not so keen on:

  • The employment and economic opportunities;
  • The public transport system;
  • The entertainment scene.

And now, like a football team returning back to its home town on an open topped double-decker bus, let’s celebrate Adelaide’s continued success at the top of the city league with another video. Let us all join together and metaphorically hoist Adelaide up onto our shoulders and congratulate Australia’s (according to one poll anyway) most liveable city.

Many people tell me there’s not much to do in Adelaide. Oh really? Let’s see for ourselves…

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