Your Australia Holiday is About to Begin

My holiday is over but yours is just about to begin.

My intention was to have a holiday and blog it at the same time. What a joke! In just over two weeks away, I managed to get only two posts up. As an exercise in blogging on the move, it was a miserable failure. “Internet access available” does not always mean you will get online. But I am back home now and my connection is guaranteed. (I think).

If you recall, my first stop was Yamba. I will carry on from the morning we were leaving.

I Love The M1 – Did I Speak Too Soon?

As we left Yamba to head back to the M1, we went through Maclean. Maclean is known as “The Scottish Town in Australia”. Some say you can tell it’s Scottish by the lampposts.

Each Lampost is Different

Each Lampost is Different

I knew it was Scottish because it’s only a small town but has two pubs.

Two Pubs in Maclean NSW

Two Pubs in Maclean NSW

There’s probably more pubs in Maclean, I only had a short walk around.

Maclean, as you can see, is on a river (look behind the lamppost!). Of course, it’s the Clarence River, same as Yamba. It has a small and cosy looking main street which is just seconds walk from the river. With a population of around 3,000, it looks like a cool place to live. Especially if you can get in with the right clan.

After Maclean we were headed for Port Macquarie. Once again I was on my beloved M1 (Australian style). But we hadn’t been on it more than ten minutes when the dreaded “Road Work” sign appeared. We were just about to approach major road works that, we were informed, would last for 32 kilometres.

Imagine that! The M1. Connecting the three biggest cities of the country, Brisbane to Sydney and Sydney to Melbourne. So I was on the stretch joining the third biggest, Brisbane, to the biggest city, Sydney.

It is the summer holidays. Schools are out. A 32 kilometre contraflow. OMG! – the queues are going to be forever. HaHa! No they’re not. This is Australia! This is the Australian M1! There was no queue. Nothing. We just have to slow down a bit, out of respect for the workers. So we have to go at 50 MPH instead of 70. So I think the delay cost us 6 minutes.


Next stop, Port Macquarie.

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  • Marcel November 29, 2013, 5:07 am |

    Hearing you describe the M1 I think I’ll feel right at home in Oz. Just like Canada it’s big but mostly empty of people. Our highways are like that too it’s great 😀

    • BobinOz November 29, 2013, 3:59 pm |

      Yes, it is just like Canada, except it’s hot here 🙂

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