More Things To Do During the School Holidays

Remember Dayboro?

It’s a cute little town about an hour or so drive north west of the city of Brisbane. It’s got a cute pub…

Dayboro PubAnd a cute post office and church…

Dayboro PO and ChurchBeing on a bit of a hill out in the countryside, it also has stunning views…

Dayboro viewsBut then you know that from having read my post called A Weekend in Alexandra Headlands.

So, why am I reminding you about Dayboro? Well, at the moment we are in the middle of the Easter school holidays and, as usual, Mrs Bobinoz has been busy going out and about with Elizabeth having fun.

This morning both of them were up bright and early so that they could arrive in Dayboro by 9 o’clock sharp to spend the day at “Slickers”, a horse riding club set in amongst the amazing scenery of the area.

They both arrived back home at just gone 5 PM today, Elizabeth was absolutely exhausted, but smiling from ear to ear.

Fortunately, she still had enough energy to tell me how it all went. Over to Elizabeth…

“It all started at 9:15 AM” she said, “we went into the paddock; there were five of us and two people who were in charge. We were each given a horse, my horse was called Dash. He was a really nice horse.

In PaddockFirst, we were shown how to groom our horses and then how to put on the saddle and the reins so that the horse was ready for riding. That took about an hour or so and then we stopped for morning tea.

After our 20 minute break, we went for a ride along the horse trail, I was really lucky because I was at the front of our line, right behind the instructor. So I got to do everything first.

Elizabeth RidingWe rode for an hour and a half in the beautiful countryside and also alongside what was either a lake or a dam. It was really scary when the horse decided to have a drink of water, he lent downwards and I had to hold on to my saddle really hard to stop myself from sliding off! We didn’t do any galloping, but we did do some trotting, which was fun.

By the time we got back from the trail ride, it was about 12 o’clock and we had some lunch, we’d taken a picnic with us.

Then, in the afternoon, we were back on the horses and we played two games; barrels and bends. Both these games involved weaving in and out of, or up and around a series of barrels in the field. It was quite hard to steer my horse at first, but as I got used to it, it got much easier.

It was about 3 o’clock in the afternoon when we stopped for tea, and after that it was a case of unsaddling our horses, more grooming and then, finally, feeding them.”

So there you have it, a day in Dayboro, horse riding. Elizabeth loved it so much, she gave it 400 out of 10.

I’ve written quite a few articles about free things to do during these holidays, this though isn’t one of them; the day cost $100, which may sound expensive. But locally, where I live, the going rate is $35 for a 45 minute horse riding lesson; these kids spent around 3 1/2 to 4 hours actually riding horses and all in, 7 hours doing horsey things.

So, not that expensive, not really.

Things could get a lot dearer though if I ever hear the words “Daddy, please may I have a horse.” Unless, of course, I give the short and cheap answer of…


Footnote: my apologies for the absence of photographs of Elizabeth horse riding with the already mentioned amazing countryside background in view. This is due, apparently, because Mrs Bobinoz didn’t fancy chasing after the horses on the trail with the camera in her hand.
Just can’t get the staff, can you?
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  • Warwick Wakefield April 13, 2013, 3:06 pm |

    Hey Bob, I used to go to Dayboro 50 years ago and I don’t think it’s changed much in the meantime.

    What a good way for your daughter to spend a day, playing with horses.
    Horsemanship is a great art, but even at the beginner’s level, kids (and adults too) love it.
    You and your wife are great parents.


    • BobinOz April 14, 2013, 9:36 pm |

      Thanks Warwick, we like to think so 🙂

      Yes, from what I saw of Dayboro, it didn’t really look as though it had changed much for some time. And you are right, Elizabeth really did love playing with horses.



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